Picture me in the midst of a conference call with my associate coaches, the doorbell rings and I instantly know: The Mini-Retreat Solution books have arrived! My associates bear with me as I make my way down the stairs with my headset on and phone in hand, the courier hands me the substantial box, and I venture back up the stairs with my treasure.

 Julia Holding Book

My associates urge me to open the box right away. As I am holding The Mini-Retreat Solution in my hands, I am deeply moved. It turned out so beautifully! I am filled with pride, joy and excitement and get to share it with my team. What a treat!


The even greater joy is seeing my book featured in the media and receiving comments from readers such as “I feel much more Zen like at work, it must be all the Mini-Retreats I am taking.” I hope The Mini-Retreat Solution will find her way into your hands very soon!