Every time we connect in community to share the power of Mini-Retreats we come away energized and optimistic! Last night’s call was no exception! Thank you so much Krista, Nancy and William for joining the call and for your active participation.  YEAH for Eastern Canada!

The key learnings: Mini-Retreats help us shift quickly into a positive space where we can find pro-active approaches and bring an optimistic attitude to the task at hand.

Some of the favourite Mini-Retreats shared during the call were:

  • Walking out the front door to soak up the sun
  • Deep breathing
  • Stretching

Final remarks:

  • remember to smile, it’s so simple and has such a profound impact
  • Mini-Retreats are a miniature toolbox that’s always with you and wants to be used for maintenance purposes

Please join us for the next Mini-Retreat Tele-Class  on Tuesday, May 18 at 7pm, PST

This is your chance to connect in community and learn how to integrate Mini-Retreats into your daily life.