stress-relief at Belltown P-PatchBig cities with their concrete building, loud noise and pollution exhaust me. Whenever I visit a big city, I immediately look for an oasis, a sanctuary, a natural space in the midst of the high rises.

a place to relax in the midst of the cityOn a recent trip through Seattle, I found an especially beautiful community garden, the Belltown P-Patch. People from the neigbourhood came together here, to create a beautiful garden with vegetables, flowers, trees and beautiful mosaics that decorate the walls of the garden.
At places like this you can feel the love and care that went into its creation and is still flowing into maintaining and nurturing the gardens. A true labour of love!

breathe in the beauty and let go of stressI encourage you to seek out these sanctuaries on your travels and in your own city. Breathe in the beauty! As one of the gardeners in Seattle shared with me, “we created this garden for everyone to enjoy.”

Even if you live in a big city and feel boxed in, don’t be discouraged. Community gardens are growing in cities around the world. They range from tiny planters on urban street corners, to small areas where people grow their own vegetables in small plots, to large projects to preserve natural areas. Many major cities offer assistance to low-income families and community organizations by helping them develop and grow their own gardens. Look for the green spots in your own city. You may discover the most beautiful sanctuary right in the midst of all the concrete. Enjoy!