Love is …. not a box of chocolates, not a bouquet of flowers, not even a brand new sports car. Today as we are celebrating love, let’s remember that love is an action. Take action and take a few Mini-Retreats to help spread the love today.

Mini-Retreats in your community:

  • Make eye contact with a stranger as you are passing each other on the street and smile.
  • Take a moment to thank someone for the support you receive all year around (e.g. a colleague or a friend).
  • Engage in a random act of kindness (e.g. hold the door for someone, or give up your seat on public transit).

Mini-Retreats with your partner:

  • Think about the qualities you appreciate about your partner and share your thoughts with her/him today.
  • Take a moment to look into each others eyes,  smile at each other and thank each other for being there.
  • Hold hands and listen to each other as you share a few favourite memories.

Mini-Retreats on your own:

  • Sing on top of your lungs as you are driving and enjoy the resonance of your voice.
  • Go for a walk  and enjoy the fresh air caressing your face.
  • Skip as if you were nine years old and enjoy the feeling of freedom and joy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!