reduce stress

A glass of wine is the perfect way to reduce stress and relax…or is it?

While having a drink seems to have a relaxing effect, in reality our senses are simply numbed by the effect of the alcohol.

As alcohol enters our bloodstream, we do not feel our internal tension and stress to the same degree.  Our felt sense while in this numbed state creates an illusion that we are more relaxed and less stressed. However, underneath the alcohol induced numbness, the same tension remains. In addition, your already tense, stressed and tired body now has to expend additional energy to process the alcohol, leading to that sleepy sensation that often follows the drink after work.

The good news is that there are many fun ways to reduce stress and relax in moments. Next time you feel stressed, tense and overwhelmed instead of pouring yourself a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage, treat yourself to a Mini-Retreat:

  • Wash Away Your Worries: when washing your hands, imagine your worries flowing down the drain with the water
  • Think of Someone You Love: what is special about this person? recall a special memory, feel the emotion it evokes in you.
  • Move to the Rhythm: turn on music that resonates with your mood, move your body to the rhythm. Enjoy!

For more ideas, check out The Mini-Retreat Solution.

You may of course still enjoy a drink every once in a while, just don’t expect it to really help you reduce stress and relax!