Receiving a relaxing massage is one of my favourite treats and a lovely stress-relief. I had the pleasure of treating myself for a couple of relaxing massages over the holiday season. A friend had recommended a massage therapist to me, Sandra, who works out of a massage therapy clinic in Victoria. I had seen her a couple of times throughout the year and always enjoyed her deeply relaxing massages. When I told her that I wanted to treat myself to massages over the holiday season, she told me that she practices part-time out of her home and was open on some days during the holiday season. As it turned out she lives a few blocks away from my home. I was excited about the prospect of walking to and from my massage treatments and looking forward to receiving my special holiday massages.

Being around cats provides the purrfect instant stress-relief!

Being around cats provides the purrfect instant stress-relief!

As I walked towards Sandra’s home for my first treatment during the holiday season, I was filled with joyful anticipation. Sandra showed me the massage room and asked me to get changed. Her two cats had snuck into the room with us. I greeted them and Sandra said the cats could stay inside the treatment room during my massage, if I would like it.

She mentioned that many of her clients enjoy the cats’ company as they usually curl up on her clients’ legs and feet while she massages their backs. I responded with a resounding YES. Sandra let me get changed while my two new friends curled up on the massage table. What followed was a very relaxing massage with two purring four legged friends resting on my legs. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and was able to relax even more deeply in the company of the two cats. What a great stress-relief!

This experience reminded me just how beneficial and soothing the relaxed energy of cats is for our human nervous system. There is a reason why one of my favourite Mini-Retreat’s is the cat-walk.

  • If you are the lucky owner of a cat, soak up the relaxing energy more consciously and often and enjoy the instant stress-relief!
  • If you don’t have a cat, pay attention to the cats in your neighbourhood. I always enjoy greeting cats who cross my path when I am out for a walk. It is a joy to feel their purr, as they rub against my legs. It makes my day every time.
  • Enjoy the grounding and relaxed feeling that comes from taking the cat-walk Mini-Retreat.

Cat-Walk Mini-Retreat for Instant Stress-Relief:

In the midst of our hurried lives, it’s a good idea to slow down and imitate a cat for a while. Pushing your feet into the floor, like cats do, creates a grounded feeling and helps you let go of the thoughts and worries in your mind.

  • Stand up and close your eyes.
  • Push one foot into the ground, feeling the weight of your body above it.
  • Then slowly shift your weight to the other leg.
  • Alternate back and forth for a few minutes.
  • Keep your eyes closed. Imagine looking down through your body, all the way to your feet. This helps you connect even more with the ground.
  • Imagine you are in the forest or on the beach, pushing your feet into the forest floor or sand.
  • Enjoy this relaxed, grounded feeling and take it with you into your next task.

The cat-walk can also be done seated with eyes open, which makes it the purrfect “secret” Mini-Retreat. Try it in the middle of a meeting. Nobody will notice what you’re doing, and when you’re done, you’ll be more present and focused.

For more Mini-Retreat ideas, check out my book, The Mini-Retreat Solution. Please share your purrfect stress-relief techniques on my blog! Thank you so much!

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