Feeling resistance is actually a natural part of making a change in your life. So, if you are feeling resistance to Mini-Retreats, don’t be concerned or discouraged. It will pass as you become accustomed to them.

Let’s explore some of the typical thought patterns that people encounter as barriers to incorporating Mini-Retreats in their lives.  As you read them, ask yourself if any sound especially familiar. For each thought that gets in the way, there is at least one alternative thought that could empower you to take Mini-Retreats.

Old Belief:

New Belief:

I should get things done. I am healthy & efficient.
I am lazy.
I produce results with ease.
There is never enough time. I have plenty of time.
I have too much to do. I prioritize well.
I don’t deserve to relax. I take care of myself first.
An idle hand is the hand of the devil. I am in integrity.
My boss doesn’t like slackers. My boss wants results.
I don’t like noticing my thoughts. Noticing my thoughts, helps me shift.


Check out the thought shifts that other people have created in the online community and add your own shifts online:

Whenever you slip back into your old thought patterns, pause, regroup and find the supportive thought you have created. Enjoy your Mini-Retreats!

In taking Mini-Retreats you are doing everyone a favor. You will improve your focus, effectiveness, enthusiasm and joy in your life. Your commitment to Mini-Retreats will support your family and your place of work as your effectiveness and your ability to be present increase.