Patricia Katz has put together an incredible wealth of evidence that self-care and wellness practices enhance productivity. So often we still get trapped in the old, unfounded beliefs that keep us running in the hamster wheel of non-stop activity.

Here is what Patricia found in a nutshell:

  • Relaxation breaks reduce strain and increase stamina
  • Naps enhance productivity
  • Time away boosts effectiveness
  • Moderate sleep and regular vacations extend life
  • Wellness and renewal investments pay big dividends
  • Sabbaticals build loyalty

For the details on Patricia’s research findings visit her website.

Knowing the facts is not enough. We need to act. The Mini-Retreat Solution offers over 80 simple ways to relax and boost your energy in the midst of your busy life.

Here are three things that you can do immediately that will help you relax and boost your productivity:

1. Breathe (take deep abdominal breaths throughout the day)

2. Smile (help create a positive, relaxed atmosphere within yourself and around you)

3. Say “Thank You” (an attitude of gratitude supports relaxation)