Living in Vancouver is one of the many blessings in my life. What a joy to see my home and favorite city transformed in the spirit of celebration. I must admit, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to the buzz. As you know, I like my peace and quiet time. Once the Olympic torch arrived in town and the party began, I soon noticed how the celebration brought us all closer together. People talked to each other more often, offered to share their tables in local restaurants, and everybody was cheerful and proud to be part of the experience.

I believe we all have reasons to celebrate everyday and yet it is easy to forget and rush on to the next task. I encourage you to keep the Olympic spirit alive and celebrate daily! Give yourself, your colleague, your spouse, your child and your friends high fives for all the small accomplishments that easily go unnoticed.

One of the things I am celebrating this month: The Mini-Retreat Solution book sales have generated over $50 in donations for Big Sisters.  Until the end of March, 20% of all book sales will go directly to Big Sisters. Make a deposit in your own account of well-being and contribute to Big Sisters’ success at the same time. Get your copy of The Mini-Retreat Solution today. The Mini-Retreat Solution also makes a great gift for friends and family. One of my reviewers tells me that the three people to whom she has given the book love it and mention it every time they see her.

One of people I am celebrating this month is Pam. It’s been a tremendous joy to support her in her personal journey and see her go for gold and achieve her medal in form of creating and realizing her dream career.

This month I am also celebrating the first live Mini-Retreat event in Vancouver! Please join us for an evening of Mini-Retreats on March 25th at Juliet’s Room Organic Skin and Body Care. It is a lovely shop and the perfect place to relax and recharge.