Talk About Mini-Retreats

Share your Mini-Retreat experience with friends and family. Talk about the shifts you are noticing in your day when you take Mini-Retreats. The more you talk about it, the easier it will become for you to remember to take Mini-Retreats. By sharing your success, you might also inspire people in your environment to begin taking Mini-Retreats. Soon you will be able to support each other on your way to establishing Mini-Retreats as a habit.

Book an Appointment with Yourself

Put Mini-Retreats in your calendar, just as you would with any other important appointment. This serves as a reminder but also helps you to take Mini-Retreats as seriously as you take all your other commitments.

Use Visual Reminders

I am a huge fan of signs. In fact when I first realized that I got all my great ideas when I took a washroom break, I painted a colorful sign with the words “take more breaks” and put it above my desk. It served as a reminder for me to create the new habit and get off my chair more often, even when I didn’t need to.  You can post signs around the house, office, car and anywhere else you see them regularly. You can use plain simple words, or images that trigger your memory.

Think about other reminder structures that you would like to create and share your ideas in the comment section below!

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