Noticing Your Own Signs of Fatigue

Your body actually tells you when it’s time to take a Mini-Retreat. When you notice a desire to yawn and stretch, get hungry, have a hard time concentrating or notice the inclination to procrastinate or fantasize, your body is giving you the message, that it is time to relax and recharge. Most people have become accustomed to ignore these natural signs or override them with caffeine or sugar.


When you feel a craving for chocolate, sweets, coffee or tea, you can use this as a trigger to take a Mini-Retreat. Your body is telling you with the craving that it needs your attention. Rather than giving in to the craving, this can be the perfect reminder to take a Mini-Retreat to relax and recharge. Watch your craving subside as you give your body what you truly need.

Line-ups, Red traffic lights and other Annoyances

Rather than getting ticked off and angry at the delays and waiting periods in your day, choose to accept them as gifts and invitations to take a Mini-Retreat. Breathe deeply for a few minutes and turn inward, stretch or laugh out loud.

Think about other triggers that already exist in your life, that could serve as reminders for taking Mini-Retreats and share them in the comment section below!

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