The winter season always inspires me to turn inward. As we wait for the light to return, it is a special joy to connect with the light within, with our feelings of gratitude, love and compassion.
Unfortunately, all too often we fill up the holiday season with too many things to do and to buy, which can leave us feeling and acting stressed. A reader of The Mini-Retreat Solution, let’s call him Bob, sent me a touching story last winter.

When his son (let’s call him Tom) was three years old, just before Easter, he said to his Dad “The Easter Bunny is fake, and Santa Claus is too. Grown ups just like to fool little kids.”
Bob being a concerned parent thought he could explain Santa as a representation of the Spirit of Christmas. When Tom asked what the Spirit of Christmas was, Bob explained “People are different at Christmas.”
Tom thought for a moment and then said “You and Mom are crabbier and always busy at Christmas.”
Your presence is precious! - You can learn how to relax in the midst of the busy season.

Your presence is precious! – You can learn how to relax in the midst of the busy season.

Bob took his son’s honest observation to heart and tried to get less wrapped up in the Christmas frenzy. Bob regrets not knowing how to relax quickly during those busy years of working and parenting. However, he is overjoyed to now share Mini-Retreats with his grand kids.

Here are a few of Bob’s favourite Mini-Retreats:
  • The red light relaxer: Bob now enjoys the wait time at red traffic lights to relax, breathe deeply, roll his shoulders back and smile.
  • Bed time story: Reading bed time stories to his grand children, Bob enjoys connecting with their vivid imagination and the closeness he feels to them.
  • Be a kid again: Bob enjoys seeing the world through the eyes of his grand children and loves to take part in their discoveries. It always brings him back to the present moment.
Your loved ones, young and old need and want your presence more than all the presents you could ever buy.
I wish you a joyful, peaceful and relaxing season!
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