One of the wonderful things about taking Mini-Retreats is that everyone around you benefits in many ways. Unfortunately many people, especially women, still feel selfish and guilty when taking moments to relax. My mission is to help you and your friends bust these limiting beliefs and make self-care a joyful, invigorating, daily experience that sends ripples of relaxation to the people around you and out into the community.

Whether you take a deep breath, stretch your body, laugh out loud or wiggle your toes, relaxing moments sprinkled throughout your day will create a positive ripple effect:

  • You will feel more energized, happier and more creative.
  • Your nights will be more restful, your days more joyful.
  • Mini-Retreats help you make better decisions, communicate more effectively and be more present.
  • Last but not least taking Mini-Retreats is a whole lot of fun!
How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple Effect - Youth arriving at camp

How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple Effect – Youth arriving at camp

This fall I will donate half of the proceeds from all sales of my book, The Mini-Retreat Solution as well as from all Mini-Retreat Home Parties to The Power of Hope, a local charity dedicated to empowering youth through the arts.

What a gratifying experience to raise funds for The Power of Hope last fall and support two teens from low-income families to participate in camp this summer. I am excited to launch this fall’s fundraiser for Hope and Empowerment. With your help we can create an even greater ripple into the community this year.

My goal this fall is to support three youth from low-income families to participate in next year’s summer camp.

Here’s how you can help create a positive ripple of hope and empowerment in our community while sprinkling joy and ease into your life and the lives of your friends and family:

Host a Mini-Retreat Home Party
for the Benefit of The Power of Hope

How to Reduce Stress & Create a positive ripple effect

How to Reduce Stress & Create a positive ripple effect – A beautiful Mini-Retreat flower serves as a reminder to relax in the midst of your busy life.

A Mini-Retreat Home Party is a workshop on how to reduce stress and increase enjoyment. In the comfort of your home, surrounded by your circle of friends you will:

  • Learn how to reduce stress and relax quickly anytime, anywhere.
  • Let go of guilt and other barriers that stop you from relaxing.
  • Build a support network to help each other integrate self-care into every day.
  • Contribute towards hope and empowerment of local youth.

To host a Mini-Retreat Home Party, simply give me a call at 778-433-5558.

As host/ess, you participate for FREE and receive a special gift!

“Save your sanity and take a break from all that pressure. Julia James presents a comprehensive and concrete menu of peaceful Mini-Retreats.” Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress

Gift yourself and your loved ones with
The Mini-Retreat Solution

With over 80 different ways to relax yourself and refresh your energy. The Mini-Retreat Solution will show you how to weave moments of deep relaxation into your daily life – no matter how busy you are.

“If you’re marching toward anxiety and burnout, Julia James offers some wise advice: Retreat! A 60-second Mini-Retreat can spell the difference between stress and success!”
Phil Bolsta, author of Sixty Seconds – One Moment Changes Everything

How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple Effect - The Mini-Retreat Solution

How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple Effect – The Mini-Retreat Solution

The Mini-Retreat Solution teaches you how to recharge yourself,
so that you can give with abundance.”
Azim Jamal, # 1 Amazon bestselling co-author of The Power of Giving

Mini-Retreats have helped thousands of people learn how to reduce stress, increase productivity and develop peace of mind. This is your chance to join them… what are you waiting for? Order your copy of The Mini-Retreat Solution online.

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