During a recent Mini-Retreat Home Party we talked about the physical impact of stress on our bodies. For some it manifests as tightness in the shoulders and neck, for others it feels as if stress contracts their stomach into a tight knot, yet others feel stress as a jittery sensation, as if they had too much coffee.

No matter what your physical responses to stress, they are blessings in disguise. It is important to pay attention to your body’s internal stress alarm system and respond by giving your body what it most urgently needs: relaxation.

Pay attention to your body's stress response and use it as an invitation to relax.

Pay attention to your body’s stress response and use it as an invitation to relax.

Easier said than done!

Many of us have a hard time relaxing at a yoga class let alone in the midst of a stressful work day.

That’s why I developed Mini-Retreats, wrote The Mini-Retreat Solution and facilitate Mini-Retreat workshops. Mini-Retreats are fun techniques that can be learned. They help you relax no matter where you are and how stressed you feel. We all need to learn how to bust stress quickly and make frequent relaxation moments a life-sustaining habit.

Reduce your stress right away; try one of the following Mini-Retreats:

Red light relaxation: Turn waiting at red lights into opportunities for relaxation. Breathe deeply, roll your shoulders back and smile.

Afternoon power-nap: An afternoon power-nap is probably the deepest form of relaxation. Set your timer for 10 or 15 minutes and wake up with renewed energy and focus.

Mini-Vacation: Take a Mini-Vacation on the wings of your imagination. Close your eyes and imagine yourself resting in your sanctuary (e.g. your favourite place in nature) of your imagination.

Self-Massage: Softly close your eyes as you gently massage your skull, neck, shoulders, temples. Breathe deeply as you receive your loving touch.

With the help of a Mini-Retreat you can now take a fresh look at your situation. From this vantage point you may gain greater insights as to what course of action would serve you and everyone else best.

Stress literally narrows your perspective and allows you to perceive only a small part of reality. Learn how to bust stress and boost your confidence and performance by taking Mini-Retreats. It helps widen your perspective. It’s as if you take off the invisible blinders you are wearing. It allows you to perceive the whole spectrum of choice and helps you make better decisions. Enjoy!

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