stress-relief by tuning into the soundscape around youWhen I find myself in a noisy place, I like to listen to all the sounds around me, trying to identify how many sounds there are and where they are coming from. Closing my eyes helps me tune into the soundscape.

Often we try to ignore the sounds around us, especially the unpleasant ones. It takes a certain amount of energy to avoid, suppress, and ignore the sounds we don’t want to hear. When we try to ignore unpleasant sounds, our bodies tense up. With this Mini-Retreat you do exactly the opposite. Listen carefully, try to make out all the different kinds of sounds that make up the soundscape around you.

This morning I got up early and walked outside. I could hear bird songs, wind brushing through the trees, the sound of waves of the ocean, ship-horns in the far distance, cars driving by, the engine of my neighbours truck starting and then more bird songs. Noticing all of these sounds and accepting them as part of the environment, I felt my body relax deeply.

Give it a whirl!