How to find your natural energy booster?

How to find your natural energy booster?

Have you ever noticed that you feel more engaged and alive in certain places than in others?

A beautiful forest, a rushing river or a calm lake all bring me to my inner place of aliveness. They are natural energy boosters for me. I feel connected, calm and at home when I am in nature. One could assume that nature is the place where all people feel most alive and at home, however this is far from the truth.

Jen feels most alive when she has just arrived at an exotic marketplace, it is hot, all kinds of smells waft through the air, the market is filled with crowds of people speaking, shouting and chanting in languages she doesn’t understand. This place is the perfect energy booster for her. Rebecca feels most alive when she is on a racetrack with the engine of her car roaring and the wind blowing in her hair. The racetrack is the ideal energy booster for Rebecca. Greg feels most alive when he is riding the wave on his surfboard on a sunny day.

What are your energy boosters? Here’s how you can find the places that make you feel alive and energized:

  • Get into a comfortable position, take a moment to relax, read the following points and then allow your eyes to close and take yourself on an inner journey to your most alive place.
  • In your minds eye travel to a time in your life when you felt fully engaged and awake.
  • As you arrive at this time and place, take a moment to notice where you are.
  • What are the colours and shapes of this place?
  • What are the smells of this place?
  • What are the sounds of this place?
  • What is happening around you?
  • What are you doing?
  • How do you feel? Take a moment to notice the sensations in your body.
  • Simply enjoy being here, allow yourself to savour this experience.
  • Then allow the experience to fade away, knowing that you can always revisit this alive place in the future. This place is always there  for you to enjoy.

Once you have identified your energy booster, the place where you feel most alive place, you can enjoy frequent visits to this place in your imagination. It will always give you an energy booster.

Friendly reminders to visit your alive place:
Think of a symbol that triggers the memory of your alive place. Rebecca chose a miniature race car, Jen chose a little spice jar and Greg chose an image of a wave lit by sunlight. I simply look out of the window of my office into the branches of a beautiful oak tree. It instantly brings me to my alive place.

What symbol will help you remember to connect with your energy booster and visit your alive place? Put your symbol in strategic places. It will trigger your memory whenever you need an energy booster.

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