Our minds are wired to think of the worst case scenario at times. It is one of those traits that can be useful when we are fighting for survival. However, it can also cause problems sleeping at night. Besides loosing sleep, we also tend to avoid trying new things, pursuing our dreams.

problems sleeping at nightOne of my clients was having problems sleeping at night due to several of these worst case scenarios that frequently kept her up.

I suggested coming up with a few alternative scenarios. We brainstormed alternative scenarios together on the phone and some where so outrageous that we both laughed out loud.  My client reported back a few days later that she had no more problems sleeping at night. She was sleeping soundly and had lots of fun creating alternative scenarios in her mind.

So, if worries keep you awake at night, try this fun Mini-Retreat to spice up your mind chatter with some outrageous what-if scenarios. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Shifting from the very common worst case scenario worry: “What if I loose my job?” to:

  • What if I get a promotion?
  • What if I get recruited for my dream job?
  • What if I decide to leave my job, sell the house and travel around the world?

Shifting from the very common worst case scenario worry: “What if my kids don’t find friends?” to:problems sleeping at night

  • What if my kids find lots of friends?
  • What if my kids discover horsebackriding or music and want to do nothing else all summer?
  • What if my kids start a small business and hire the neighbours’ kids?

Shifting from the very common worst case scenario worry: “What if my aging mother dies?” to:

  • What if she lives to be 115?
  • What if she falls in love at the age of 85 with another charming senior?
  • What if she passes on peacefully in her sleep one night without suffering having lived a fulfilling life?

Enjoy this Mini-Retreat!

Once you have come up with your own positively outrageous what-if scenarios, please leave a comment to inspire other readers.