You can take Mini-Retreats anywhere and anytime, however creating a supportive environment for yourself will help you relax and make your retreats more enjoyable and powerful.

Notice Supportive Places in Your Environment

Water fountains

Water in motion has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Public fountains, or your own mini-fountain in your home or office can help you relax. A walk by the ocean, a creek, a river, all have a soothing impact. If no water source is available, you can also purchase nature sound CDs and post images of natural water in your space. Also listen to the sound of water as you wash your hands and take a shower – it can have a similar soothing effect.


Gardens are true sanctuaries in our lives whether it is a public garden, your own garden, or the appreciation of gardens in your neighborhood as you go for a stroll. Gardens are natural places to relax and refresh.

Fresh Air

Step outside to get some fresh air, open a window and breathe, whenever you are outside, pay attention to the fresh air that surrounds you. I especially love the air, just after a rainfall, it is pure and fresh.


Natural spaces help us get grounded. Whenever possible connect with nature, the simplest way is to look up into the sky. Notice the clouds, the trees, plants and rocks, be it in a natural environment or a city. I love seeing dandelions break through concrete, they are a sign that nature ultimately is stronger than any concrete building. Reconnect with the strength of nature and recharge your own batteries.

Think about other supportive places that already exist in your environment that could help you take Mini-Retreats and share them with the community:

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