When we think of gifts, we usually associate them with tangible objects or a favour we do for someone else. There is another kind of gift; it is a precious gift indeed, the gift of self-care.

Every time you take good care of yourself, you are giving a gift to the people you love. Why is that so? Because taking good care of yourself, brings out your happiest self. Guess what – your happiness is the most precious gift you can give to your loved ones.

For some reason we tend to think that self-care is selfish, hence our hesitation to make it a priority. Who wants to be seen as selfish after all?  However, when you realize that taking care of yourself benefits everyone, especially the people closest to you, you may hesitate less. What would it be like to take a soothing bath for your spouse, go for a relaxing walk for your mother, or enjoy a nice cup of tea and a moment to contemplate all by yourself for your child? Give it a whirl!

Here is Your Challenge:

  1. Take a pen and at least ten small pieces of paper. On each of the papers write down an activity that makes you feel happy, relaxed and energized. (for extra inspiration check out The Mini-Retreat Solution)
  2. Fold all the pieces of paper and write the name of one of your loved ones on the outside of each of the folded pieces of paper.
  3. Put all the folded papers in a little jar and put it on your bed-side table.
  4. Each morning draw one of the papers and follow your own suggestions. E.g. “Today I will go for a nice walk, this is a gift for my partner John”.

Enjoy! And while you are at it, share your experience on my blog. Thank you!