What a treat to share Mini-Retreats with Katherine Lazaruk and her clients at her beautiful new office location in downtown Vancouver last Friday!

In the cozy space of ICU Image Consulting, six of Katherine’s most valued clients gathered to learn how to reduce stress quickly in the midst of their busy lives. Often taking time for self-care seems like one more thing to do on your already long to-do-list.

With Mini-Retreats, relaxation becomes a fun part of every day life that invigorates you throughout the day and doesn’t take any extra time. Sheila surprised herself in a good way: “It was interesting to see that it didn’t take a lot of effort to relax – it’s just the thought of doing it seemed taxing. It is easy to take time once you know how – and Julia can show you.”

Katherine’s clients now feel empowered to incorporate Mini-Retreats into their everyday life. “Great techniques that I can incorporate daily. I was really impressed by the results of the exercises we did this evening.” says Julie.

how to reduce stress quickly

A FUN way to reduce stress quickly – Host a Mini-Retreat workshop in your home!

We had so much fun creating a Mini-Retreat flower together. Each participant created a petal as a reminder to take good care of herself, especially when the stress level rises. One petal encourages to “tend the garden,” another reassures “you are enough, you are beautiful, you are a gift” and yet another brings you back to the essentials “just breathe, just BE.” Together we created a goofy face for the flower. While Katherine’s clients learned how to reduce stress quickly, they are also a lot of FUN!

Each participant walked away feeling empowered to take good care of herself. As Cecilia Tsang shared “Julia’s Mini-Retreat ideas are amazing – really helpful!”  Angela Dean said: “Today was a great reminder of staying present and connected. I love these retreats and value the time you gave us today.” Annette Maxwell sums it up nicely: “The session was a great reminder about the benefits of self care.”

Katherine Lazaruk from ICU Image Consulting was very satisfied with the success of the first workshop held in her new office location: “As always, Julia is prepared, present and personal. Mini-Retreats are so valuable for busy professionals. I’m so happy to introduce her to my most valued clients.” 

Introduce your clients to a fun way to reduce stress quickly! Simply give me a call at 778-433-5558, I look forward to teaching you and your clients how to reduce stress quickly. Your group will come away invigorated and thankful for your initiative.

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