This year has been amazing for me in so many different ways, including my growing and flourishing business. I am making a tangible contribution to people’s lives every day. One way that I am expressing my gratitude is by participating in a 30 km cross-country ski race in February of 2008 to raise funds for my favourite

Please help me give back to the community and embrace diversity by contributing to three wonderful charities:

Big Sisters:
Quality time spent together is the most precious gift. For young girls growing up in single parent homes, the time to connect with a trusted adult is limited. Big Sisters gives thousands of young girls the opportunity to establish a relationship with a woman who becomes a friend, a sounding board, and a mentor.

Evergreen Foundation:
Evergreen helps schools create outdoor classrooms which provide students with a healthy place to play, learn, and develop a genuine respect for nature. Local stewardship creates vibrant neighbourhoods, a healthy natural environment, and a sustainable society for all. Evergreen engages people in creating and sustaining healthy, dynamic outdoor spaces – in schools and communities.

The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC):
British Columbia is beautiful because of its vast natural spaces. To keep it that way, TLC protects important habitat for plants, animals, and natural communities. The Land Conservancy achieves its conservation objectives by working in a non- confrontational, businesslike manner. TLC works with many partners to ensure the broadest support to protect important habitat for the long term.

My goal is to raise $6000. You can help me by donating to one of these organizations online:


Thank you so much for your support!