Picture a Halloween Party; people are dressed in all kinds of costumes ranging from gory zombies to hilarious clowns to beautiful elves. Only one of the guests wears jeans and t-shirt. His ordinary attire actually stands out in the midst of all the elaborate costumes.

Taking a closer look, you discover that his t-shirt has a big smiley face on the chest and reads Mr. Positive. Various quotes are printed all over this t-shirt. As you study the fine print, you come across the famous question. “Is this glass is half empty or half full?” (answer on reverse)

Curious to see the answer to this question, you ask Mr. Positive to turn around and instead of the expected “half full”, you read on the back of his t-shirt: “It is neither half full nor half empty. It is completely full of both water and air. Critical elements to life.”

I encouraged the bearer of the costume, to wear his Mr. Positive t-shirt not only on Halloween. Every time he does, he receives lots of smiles.

The answer on the back of his t-shirt has stuck with me ever since. It reminds me of the obvious, yet easily overlooked truth that abundance surrounds us at all times. More often than not, we focus on that which seems to be lacking.

Connect with the abundance in your life that surrounds you just like the invisible air. Take a moment to acknowledge some of the invisible life giving elements that so easily go unnoticed.

Here are just a few ideas to get you going:

  • love
  • curiosity
  • health
  • peace
  • warmth
  • creativity

Go ahead and create your own list of invisible abundance.

Enjoy your Mr./Mrs. Positive day!