Guest blog by Kristen Yarker

Often it’s a feeling of lethargy, of dragging ourselves out of bed and through the day, that finally gets us to look at our lives and careers with an eye for change. What we eat, how well we sleep, how much we move our bodies and what we do at work all influence how much energy we have on a daily basis. I am excited to give you two tips on what to eat for more energy.

If you feel stuck in a career that drains your energy, addressing your current work situation and getting clear on your fulfilling career will naturally boost your energy. You’re likely reading this because you know that Julia is a fantastic support when you want to make positive career changes. Once your career is well aligned with your strengths, values and passion, you will naturally feel energized and inspired by your work.

However, as you get ready for your positive career transformation, I encourage you to take a look at your eating habits. Are they supporting you or draining your energy? Having recently shifted my own career, I can attest that feeding myself well during this career transition has been absolutely crucial. Begin by fuelling your body well, it will make your career change a lot smoother and more successful.

Also as a healthy 38 years old I know that our bodies aren’t as forgiving as they were in our 20’s. So it becomes vital that we nourish our bodies to excel in our careers and the rest of our very full lives.

What to Eat for More Energy, Tip # 1: Eat Real Whole Grains

Sustained energy comes from having steady blood sugar. Our bodies very quickly digest refined, white flours and grains causing our blood sugar to spike and then crash and our energy follows suit. Real whole grains take some chewing – after all you, not a processing machine, are doing the work of breaking down those grains. By doing the work yourself, you release the natural sugars in the whole grains slowly.

What you can do today:

  • Choose brown or wild rice instead of white. If longer cooking time is a barrier for you, cook extra when you have time and freeze it. Yes, you can freeze rice! I’ve even seen stores carrying frozen brown rice – super convenient!
  • Swap noodles for real whole grains. Most “whole wheat” noodles are still quite refined. Try a new whole grain instead of pasta. Bulk food sections are full of ideas such as quinoa, pot barley, faro, buckwheat and millet.
  • Instead of refined flakes or puffed cereals, switch to a whole grain like steel cut oats. You can soak oatmeal overnight and you don’t even need to cook it – an amazing time-saver!

What to Eat for More Energy Tip #2: Add Protein to Breakfast

What to Eat for More Energy - Include a protein source in your smoothie

What to Eat for More Energy – Include a protein source in your smoothie

Not only is protein associated with better mood itself, but when you eat it with carbs, it slows down your digestion of the carbs steadying your blood sugar. Many people think of protein at lunch and dinner. When you add protein at breakfast, you will have more energy all day, and may experience fewer afternoon cravings for sweets.

What you can do today:

  • Top toast with nut butter. Mix it up: Go classic with natural peanut butter, or trendy with almond butter, or even decadent with cashew butter. Or try the various seed butter options, they’re also a good source of protein.
  • Sprinkle your cereal with hemp hearts, slivered almonds or chia seeds.
  • Include a protein source in your smoothie such as yogurt (especially Greek yogurt), hemp hearts, chia seeds, or nut butter.
  • Don’t like breakfast food? Don’t let that stop you from eating breakfast – leftovers or a sandwich make great breakfast choices.
What to Eat for More Energy - Get You Feeling Better Right Away

What to Eat for More Energy – Get You Feeling Better Right Away

I share these two quick and easy energy boosting nutrition tips, because I want to get you feeling better right away. Now that you know what to eat for more energy, enjoy your renewed sense of focus. It will surely build your momentum towards making a positive career change.

Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD helps you experience the pleasure (and energy) of healthy eating. After 6 years of only working with the toughest customers (i.e. picky kids), she is now serving adults who want amazing energy to live their busy lives without sacrificing the pleasure of delicious food. Discover how (and get recipes too) at

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