Do you long for community on your quest for career clarity? You are not alone! Over the past 15 years of coaching people through positive career transformations, I have witnessed three common themes. Most of my clients long to make a meaningful difference, face very similar fears and express a longing for community support on their journey to career clarity. That’s what inspires me to create Career Clarity Circle, an engaging online group coaching program. I am excited to promote a sense of community support among people who are creating and sustaining energizing careers.


Community Supports Your Commitment and Growth

You’ve probably experienced the power of learning and growing together in community. While participating in a fitness or yoga class, you might have noticed that you are able to stretch a little (or a lot) further in a group setting than you would alone. Even practicing quiet, introspective activities such as meditation or prayer in community helps most people sink more deeply into relaxation and stillness than on their own. 


When we intentionally gather in community with a shared purpose, we are building and growing commitment and momentum. This supports all of us to go further and deeper than we could on our own. The same principles apply for finding and creating a career that energizes and inspires YOU.

I feel strongly that we need each other for support and inspiration on this courageous journey. This is what inspires me to create Career Clarity Circle, an engaging, highly-actionable online group coaching program.

Facing Challenges Together on Your Career Clarity Journey

Reflecting on the many Retreats and Mini-Retreats I have led, I marvel at the synergy among the participants. I believe that there are no coincidences. The people who join in Career Clarity Circle are meant to travel together. 

Any challenge you bring to the circle, is most likely relevant to your fellow explorers. Similarly, their challenges are relevant to you. Through coaching we address these challenges together. This synchronicity allows you to quickly discover insights that you would not find on your own. 


The qualities as well as the challenges you bring to the circle are needed. You and your fellow explorers are exactly the right people on your journey for mutual support, encouragement, inspiration and learning. This is the richness of community.

Learning from Each Other Enriches Your Experience

In the spirit of building community, four amazing guest experts with complementary skills, wisdom and resources are contributing to Career Clarity Circle. This collaborative approach to Career Clarity Circle provides more value and richer perspectives. It also makes me feel supported in community of like-minded professionals. 

Venturing on your career clarity journey in community, you will quickly realize that you are not alone. It is so inspiring and empowering to share this journey. As you come together in Career Clarity Circle, open to truly seeing each other, deeper, richer insights will emerge. 


Strangely it is often easier to see and value the gifts in others than to recognize your own gifts. As you get to know each other in Career Clarity Circle, your gifts will be seen, acknowledged and appreciated. That’s when you recognize and appreciate your talents more fully. As you do, your confidence grows. This empowers you to step more fully into your own brilliance and serve with your innate gifts

Creating Positive Career Transformations Together

Recently when I began coaching a new client, she asked: “Am I the only one in the office pretending to be fine? Or is everyone around me also just pretending to be happy in their job?” Statistics confirm that most people are unhappy in their jobs. Unfortunately, only relatively few take action towards increased job satisfaction and positive career transformation. 

I believe we need a larger transformation that helps more people wake up to their power and begin to make meaningful choices in their lives and careers. As Howard Thurman says: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” My hope is that Career Clarity Circle can serve as a catalyst for this transformation.

What a privilege to be able to choose what you truly want to do with your life. Many people are still fighting for survival. While you are in the midst of exploring what career is right for you, this privilege may feel rather daunting and overwhelming at times. That’s how I often felt sixteen years ago, when I was trying to figure out what I was meant to do with my life.

While it may feel like a lonely journey, you are not alone. It may even feel selfish to pursue a life and career that fulfills you. Yet, this pursuit is really your highest contribution.

Re-Discovering the Power of Community

Many ancient cultures were living together in ways of mutual flourishing. Each person was welcomed as a gift to the community. Each person’s special qualities and wisdom were needed for the whole community to thrive. We may have lost the value of living in community over the last five thousand years. 

We have the opportunity now to recreate ways of mutual flourishing, collaboration and reciprocity. Your longing to do something meaningful in your life is a sign that you are ready. Participate in this evolution. Help blaze the trail and greet the dawn of this ‘new’ yet ancient way of life!

A client shared with me during her completion coaching session: “I really enjoyed the community aspect of the Career Clarity Mini-Retreat. I would have liked to attend more of those events and have some sense of community in my journey – friends who were in a similar place, to share with, and check in with each other.” When she said that, I realized that I also longed for community, sixteen years ago, when I was exploring what career was right for me. That’s what inspires me to facilitate this community support now for YOU on your career clarity journey.

As you are stepping forward on this journey, following the call, you are not alone. The ancient ones are with you and so are future generations, yet to come. They are glad for your awakening. As you pursue your calling, you light the way for others to follow suit in their unique ways.

Now that you’ve learnt what inspires me to create Career Clarity Circle, join me and a supportive community of people engaged on the same enriching journey.