Create success on your terms with life coaching.

Create success on your terms with life coaching.

Success as defined by Webster is: “the attainment of wealth, favour or eminence.” Success on your own terms can be something entirely different. Here’s how a few of my life coaching clients define success:

“Feeling confident about my decisions. Finding time for the things I love and letting go of things that don’t matter. Having confidence that what I do is worth the money.”

“Working every day to the utmost of my ability to fulfill my goals, use my gifts, expand my horizon, nurture good relationships and do something good in the world.”

“Having great balance of work, play and travel. Having more energy, less self-doubt and feeling more relaxed. Doing work that has fulfilling challenges along with good rhythm. Not feeling guilty about enjoying other aspects of my life.”



Check in with yourself and take notes:

  • What is YOUR personal definition of success?
  • What kind of support do you need/want to attain success on your terms?
  • How are you best motivated, challenged and encouraged?
  • What is getting in your way of achieving success on your terms?

Once you have answered these questions, book your free life coaching consultation. Together we will explore how life coaching may assist you in achieving meaningful success on your terms. I look forward to our conversation!

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