Do you feel stuck in career or life circumstances that drain your energy? Would you like to find a way to move forward with confidence and ease? You may not always feel at choice about your experience, but you can learn how to reframe it. Powerful shifts happen when you reframe difficult circumstances into opportunities for growth.

Recognize Your Biggest Challenge

My client, let’s call her Nora, shared a challenging incident that had just happened at work. Nora had been called into the executive office earlier that day and was accused of revealing confidential information about one of the companies’ major clients. Even though Nora had navigated the challenge successfully, she was still feeling the anxiety and frustration this erroneous accusation had brought up in her.


How about YOU? What’s one of your big challenges right now? Jot it down.

Notice the Impact on Your Body

After I had acknowledged Nora’s tremendous resilience, I asked her what she was noticing in her body because of this experience. Nora felt tightness in her chest and throat. I invited Nora to put her hands near those tight spots. As she did, Nora felt them soften and expand. She witnessed her spine lengthen and noticed a sense of calm inside her.  I acknowledged Nora’s exquisite awareness and invited her to savour that sense of calm.


How about YOU? What are you noticing in your body as you let yourself be with your challenge? I encourage you to embrace your sensations. As you do, you too may notice shifts and changes inside.

Reframe Your Challenge

“Nora, what if this incident happened for you instead of to you? What, if this challenge was a precious gift?” Nora reflected for a moment. Then she shared that through this incident she was able to recognize just how much her confidence had grown over the past few months of coaching. “In the past I would have been flying around, crying and panicked. Today, I remained calm when I was called to the meeting. Also, I was able to stay calm during the entire meeting.” I congratulated Nora on her tremendous growth.


How about YOU? What happens when you consider your challenge as a gift? How may this experience help you grow? As you reframe your challenge, you may also become aware of your growth in comparison to how you responded to challenges in the past.

Fully Receive Your Gift

As we celebrated Nora’s growth, I invited her to notice the sensations in her body. Nora was now feeling tingles all over. “Let yourself savour these delicious sensations, Nora” I encouraged.

How about YOU? What are you noticing in your body as you celebrate your gift from your reframe? Let yourself savour the goodness you feel inside. If you are not noticing any shifts, don’t worry. Simply turning towards your body sensations with curiosity is transformational!

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