Do you sometimes find it hard to see positive signs during these challenging times? You are not alone! We are all in this together! Yet, the physical distancing and social isolation is leaving many of us feeling lonely, anxious and disconnected. How can we stay open to positive signs?

Last night, I felt quite depressed. Anyone who knows me well will attest that I am usually very optimistic, positive and uplifting. However, this time of social isolation is starting to wear on me. It felt as if the positivity I had lately been putting out, had not been appreciated or even noticed. When I was singing while lining up at the farmers market last Saturday, I couldn’t see any reaction in the faces of people around me. Everyone seemed so shut down.

In contrast to a few weeks ago, when I had knocked on my friend’s door to ask if she and her daughter would like to sing with my husband and me, she responded with a resounding YES. We had so much fun singing together that afternoon. Since then, it has become a weekly highlight for the four of us. Thankfully, their large porch makes it easy to meet the physical distancing rules.

Ask for Positive Signs

However, in the midst of my depressed mood, I couldn’t remember that positive experience. A strangely dark thought crossed my mind: “Would anyone (besides my husband) even notice, if I disappeared?” then another thought chimed in: “I wonder how long it would take people to notice my absence?” It felt kind of morbid to even think these thoughts, and yet those dark clouds kept on moving through my mind.


Even though I know deep down that I matter and that I would be missed, I wasn’t able to access that wisdom in the midst of the darkened sky of my mind. I said to my husband: “I need a sign! Something to remind me that my presence matters.”

Ground Yourself in Positive Practices

My husband and I did a meditation practice together and send out blessings of peace, love and light to the world. By the time we went to bed, I felt a little lighter and fell into a deep, restful sleep.

What positive practices support you in moments of despair? If you don’t have a practice yet, you may want to begin now. A practice can be as simple as deep breathing, listening to soothing music, or doing a few stretches. Even a few minutes each day will make a difference in your life.


In the morning we awoke to the songs of birds. I felt so grateful for the birdsong, announcing the dawn of a fresh, beautiful day. What a blessing to wake up in the loving arms of my dear husband and to feel so loved and safe!

Notice and Appreciate Positive Signs

This morning, I got up and went to the beach for my daily morning qi-gong practice. As I was about to begin my meditation, my friend walked by and said that our weekly singing on their front porch was really helping to lift her spirits.

I realized then and there that this was the kind of sign I had asked for the night before, when the dark thoughts were clouding my mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Later, when I finished up my qi-gong practice, a beachcomber approached me. He said how good it was to see me each morning at the beach, especially in these times. I had never even noticed this person before and yet my presence was making a difference in his day. This was yet another sign I received with deep gratitude.


Then, I remembered recently crossing paths with a lovely, elderly man, whose house overlooks our neighbourhood bay, who told me that seeing me doing my morning practice is a cherished part of his morning.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all these positive signs!

What Helps YOU Access Positive Signs?

As I am writing, I realize my singing friend, the beachcomber and the elderly man are also looking for and finding signs that lift their spirits! While you’ll probably feel restricted during this crisis, you can choose where to direct your focus.


What helps you receive positive signs? How can you send out more positive signs?
I encourage you to trust that your presence is already making a difference! Remember, my presence was already making a difference for others before they shared it with me.