Do you sometimes feel stuck or overwhelmed as you are searching for a career path that energizes you? You are certainly not alone! We can all benefit from a shift in perspective from time to time. That’s why I am excited to share six of my favourite powerful ways to shift perspective!

Notice the Need for a Shift in Perspective

The first step to any shift in perspective is noticing that you are stuck. This may be obvious. However, we can spend a long time going through the motions without even noticing.


To avoid wasting precious life energy and time, let’s explore the early warning signs for being stuck in a limiting perspective.

  1. Notice the way you are talking to yourself about the situation you are facing. Stuck can sound like this: “This is the only way. I have no choice. I can’t… I have to…” The focus in this kind of thinking is usually on a problem and its limitations. What are you noticing as you listen to your own inner dialogue? Jot down the thoughts that are running through your mind.
  2. Then pay attention to the way your body feels while you are thinking this way. Are you noticing any tingling, tightness or stiffness? How is your breath moving? What is your posture like? Jot down what you observe about your body.
  3. Now, shift your awareness to your emotional state as you continue to pursue those thoughts. Do you feel frustrated, sad or angry? Jot down your own observations about your emotional state.

Now, that you aware of your own early warning signals for being stuck, or experiencing tunnel vision, let’s explore six powerful ways to open up to possibilities.

#1 Shift Your Perspective through Gratitude

Gratitude is key to getting unstuck. No matter how challenging a situation, when you shift your focus to gratitude, you will most likely come up with a few things to be grateful for.

I am currently suffering from a frozen shoulder. It’s extremely painful and limits my range of motion and mobility. As I am navigating my healing journey, it always helps  to reconnect with gratitude. I am grateful for the beautiful neighbourhood we live in, the loving support of my husband, friends and family, the care of my acupuncturist and my body’s capacity to heal.gratitude-perspective

What are you grateful for? As you connect with gratitude, notice new perspectives about your situation opening up.

#2 Move Your Body

What is your favourite way to move? Do you like to dance, run, walk, practice yoga, or swim? When stuck in one perspective, physical movement helps you shift. While you are moving through space, it is much harder for the mind to stay stuck.


As you take yourself on the move, notice how your thinking shifts. What new and unexpected perspectives do you discover while your body is in motion?

#3 Call on a Resource to Shift Your Perspective

Another feature of being stuck is feeling alone or isolated with a challenge. To break this isolation, it can be very powerful to connect with a resource. A resource is something or someone that/who makes you feel supported, loved, strong, confident, grounded or calm. This can be a person, a place, an animal, a plant, or a body of water.

One of my powerful resources is an ancient cedar tree. When I am feeling stuck and need support, I often imagine leaning against this tree. As I smell the resin and feel the deep roots and wide branches of the mighty tree, it becomes easier for me to discover an empowering perspective.


What resource do you want to connect with? Once you are strongly connected with your resource, you can come back to the problem you are facing. How many more options can you identify now?

#4 Shift Your Perspective from Me to We

You can easily get stuck in circling around yourself in your mind. Take a moment to consider the wider field, such as your family, community or neighbourhood.

What kind of changes would you like to see in the wider field? How are you uniquely equipped to help? What skills and experience do you want to lean into to make a difference? How will you take action today towards creating these changes?


Now come back to the situation you feel stuck about. How can you receive support with your challenge from people in your circle? Who will you ask for help?

#5 Play with Different Perspectives

No matter what kind of challenge you are facing, there are always many ways to approach your challenge. Which perspective might be helpful in your situation? Experiment with a few different perspectives, such as gentleness, fierceness, curiosity and playfulness to find the perspective that feels empowering for you.


Write your challenge on a piece of paper, put it on the ground and begin to slowly walk around your challenge. With each slow circle, you can choose a different perspective. Note down the insights you gather from embracing each perspective.

Then choose the perspective that will serve you best as you move forward. What is possible for you, when you approach your challenge with this fresh perspective?

#6 Find a Way to Laugh

When all else fails, finding a way to laugh about a challenging situation can loosen the tight grip of tunnel vision. Here are a few prompts to help you find humour in your situation:

  • What would your 2-year-old nephew do in this situation?
  • How would you neighbour’s dog approach this problem?
  • What kind of story would Dr. Seuss write about your experience?

How do you connect easily with laughter and silliness? What perspectives open up for you, when you’ve had a good laugh?


You are now well on your way to finding empowering perspectives whenever you encounter a challenging situation. I am excited for you! Ready to take another powerful step? Then, request your free career clarity consultation, now. I look forward to coaching you on your journey to creating the career that truly energizes and inspires YOU!