Are you worried about making mistakes as you search for the right career for YOU? You are not alone! The fear of choosing the wrong path keeps many people stuck in a job that doesn’t fit. The journey to career clarity requires us to face this fear and grow our capacity to experiment freely. That’s why I am thrilled to share five power tools that will help you find peace with making mistakes.

Power Tool #1
Notice What Makes It Easy for You to Admit Mistakes

As challenging as it may be to take risks and make mistakes in your professional life, you may already be at ease with making mistakes in certain situations. In fact, you may feel so much ease that these mistakes don’t even register as mistakes for you. This was certainly true for me.

Once I got curious about what made it easy for me to be at peace with my mistakes, I remembered a recent incident at Nezza, my favourite natural cosmetic store. When I arrived in the store, I put my brown paper bag on the counter and began pulling out flasks and jars I had brought along for refills. Nezza offers a waste minimizing refill service for most of their products. To my great surprise all the containers were covered in dust. I shared my surprise with the friendly clerk and began dusting off the containers with my fingers.

Then it dawned on me that I had previously used that paper bag to purchase a delicious loaf of bread. My cosmetic flasks were therefore covered in flour dust. I burst out laughing and took the paper bag outside to give it a good shake while the clerk took care of my refills.



Before you continue reading, take some quality time to scan your life for areas, such as leisure, where it may be easier for you to be at peace with mistakes. Recall a specific a situation when you were at ease with a mistake you made. As you realize your own ease with making mistakes in this situation, it naturally paves the way to transfer that ease to those mistakes that are challenging for you.

Power Tool #2
Become Aware of What Supports Your Ease with Mistakes

As I recall my Nezza experience, I realize that the mistake of using the bread bag for my cosmetic containers didn’t even feel like a mistake at the time. “What made it easy to navigate this potentially awkward situation?” I wonder.

When I contemplate that question, I recognize specific support elements that helped, such as safety, connection, shared values, transparency and humour. Nezza is a friendly, familiar place for me where I feel safe. I instantly felt a friendly connection with the clerk. Our shared values of sustainability and care for the planet also supported our connection.

My transparency about what had happened helped both me and the clerk to find humour and lightness in the moment. All these elements helped me be at peace with my error. They made it possible for me to learn from this mistake with ease. I’ve noticed that since that incident I shake out paper bags before I put them away for reuse.

How about YOU? Which elements helped you be at peace with your error? How might you access these support elements when making mistakes on your search for career clarity?

Power Tool #3
Look for Positive Role Models

You probably know a few people who seem to be at ease with their mistakes. Who in your life inspires you to look at mistakes in a fresh way?

As I am thinking of people in my life, who exhibit ease with making mistakes, my mind immediately goes to Linda, one of my qi-gong teachers. Linda often laughs during class, especially when she makes a mistake, such as mixing up the sequence of a practice. As I remember Linda’s contagious belly laugh, it brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.


Another role model for me is Graham, a designer I met many years ago. Even though I have lost touch with Graham, his inspiring, unique way of handling mistakes is still with me. When Graham makes a mistake in a custom design order, he looks at it like a precious gift. Graham shared with me that some of his most stunning designs have emerged out of so-called mistakes. Just like Linda, Graham also has a great sense of humour and an easy smile.

When you are fretting about a mistake you’ve made or feeling anxiety about doing something that might fail, think of your role models. It may very well ease your way forward.

Power Tool #4
Treat Yourself with the Kindness and Compassion 

For most of us it is a lot easier to be kind, understanding and forgiving with other people’s mistakes.

Take a moment now to recall a situation where you handled someone else’s mistake with grace. What made it easy for you to be kind and compassionate in that situation? How might you extend that kindness and compassion to yourself when you’ve made a mistake?

Maybe you’ve also had the privilege to be trusted by a friend who was feeling bad about a mistake s/he had made. You probably treated your friend with kindness and compassion. As you recall that situation, tune into how you access those feelings of care. What will help you access these feelings and hold yourself in compassion when you need it the most? Take some quality time to reflect on this question.

Power Tool #5
Look for the Hidden Gifts in Mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be an unexpected success? Scan your life for errors that turned out to be blessings in disguise.

As I scan my own life, a memory floats to the surface. A few years ago, I bought a beautiful purple wool sweater for my husband. One day my husband accidentally put this lovely sweater into the washing machine. When he pulled it out it had shrunk quite a bit and no longer fit him. At first, we were both upset, but then it occurred to me that the shrunk sweater might fit me. Indeed, the sweater fit me perfectly! Purple is my favourite colour, and this woolen sweater quickly became one of my favourite sweaters.


How about you? Which of your mistakes turned into unexpected opportunities? Recognizing that mistakes can bring about surprising gifts may further help to soothe your fear of making mistakes.

A Powerful Way Forward

Now that you’ve explored these five power tools, tune in to notice which tool will be easiest for you to access when the going gets tough. Create a fun reminder for yourself to use this tool every step of the way on your career clarity quest. The more you use your chosen power tool, the easier it becomes for you to experiment freely.

You don’t have to travel alone on your courageous quest. Take another powerful step and book your free career clarity consultation, NOW! I look forward to exploring with you what career is right for YOU!