As the holiday season approaches, I am reminded of these four wise words: Sometimes less is more.

An endearing memory from a summer vacation a few years ago comes to mind. A friend had invited me to join her for a week in her family’s cabin on Savary Island. Close to her family’s cabin lives an elderly couple who invites the beach community for tea and cookies every afternoon at 4pm. It is a Savary Island tradition that my friend remembers from her childhood summers and wanted to share with me.

One day at the sound of the conch shell, my friend and I wandered over to join the tea party. Tea was served in beautiful china and mounts of cookies were laid out on beautiful platters. As we sat down, I noticed two young kids, who had also joined the tea party. They sat for a long time before they each took one cookie. As it turns out, their mother had told them that they were allowed one cookie each. They took their time deciding which cookie they would most like to enjoy.

Meanwhile the adults, including my friend and I, and other kids around the table had grabbed several cookies and were chewing away on the sugary goodness. The two kids who had each chosen their favourite cookie savoured it slowly and with delight. I sensed that they enjoyed their special treat much more than any of us who had eaten several cookies. What a great reminder that sometimes less is more!

Similarly, when you take the time to consider what you most want to experience this season and choose accordingly, you will truly savour your experience.

May this anecdote inspire you to ask:

  • What matters most to me this season?
  • Who do I most want to spend quality time with?
  • What do I most want to give this season?
  • What do I most want to receive?

Your answers to these questions will be your personal guide to create what you most long for this season. It will help you choose wisely and embrace that less is more.

I was overjoyed to receive a letter from a dear friend in the mail today. As I read her letter, it sounded as if she had  taken my questions to heart, even though I had not posted the article yet.

How to Embrace the concept "less is more."

How to Embrace the concept “less is more.”

“What really matters to me this season is to bring joy to the people I really care about, to have time for myself, to have time to drink tea and light candles, to spend time with my partner and to eat a few cinnamon cookies.” My friend clearly embraces the concept of less is more in how she approaches the holiday season.

I am amazed by the synchronicity of our thoughts.

Please share your intentions for the season on my blog. How will you embrace “less is more” this season? Your thoughts will inspire others to choose wisely. Thank you!

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