Do you want to make some significant changes in your life, but somehow feel that you are too old to do that? You are not alone! When I begin working a new coaching client, we often discover a limiting belief: “I am too old to change my career, find my life partner, learn how to belly dance, travel alone, ….”

Strangely it doesn’t really matter if the new client is 23 or 56 years old, the belief  seems to be able to live in our brains no matter how long we have been on this planet.

Today, I came across an inspring article about the nearly 100 year old Ria, grandma of the author. Her example shows that we have a choice every day about what we make of life.  I encourage you to read Ria’s story.

If after reading Ria’s story you are still thinking “I am too old to…” think again. It is never too late to transform your life, if Ria can do it in her nineties, so can you. It is never too soon either.

Make it a great day, today!