Intentions are positive qualities, ways of being, you consciously choose. They are qualities that help bring out the best in you to accomplish the outcomes you truly desire. Here’s how to set powerful intentions for career success.

How to Set Your Intention

Because intentions arise from your heart and soul, you need to tune in to access your intentions. Allow yourself space and time to listen inwardly and connect with your inner wisdom. I encourage you to set an intention before you start a new project, at the beginning of your day, before heading into an important meeting, when about to deliver a presentation, or at any time you want to take action with intention on your career clarity journey.

Here’s a Mini-Retreat that will help you set your intention:

  1. Stand or sit comfortably, yet straight.
  2. Allow your eyes to close.
  3. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Breathe out with a big sigh releasing any tension, thoughts or feelings you carried with you into this moment.
  4. Let your breath flow in and out of your body naturally and simply witness the rhythm of your breath.
  5. Notice the support from the ground beneath and let yourself relax into that support.
  6. Imagine a golden thread above your head lifting you up.
  7. Notice where in your body you feel your core right now. Connect more deeply with your core, by breathing into your core. Feel your core energized, warm and radiant.
  8. Allow an intention to arise from your core. Your intention may arise as an image, a word, a feeling, a sensation or a combination of these. Let your heart open to receive your intention and notice how your intention feels in your heart.
  9. Enjoy feeling your intention and let it radiate from your heart infusing every cell of your body.
  10. Give thanks for the gift of your intention and let it guide your actions.

How to Commit to Setting Intentions

When Mary (not her real name) hired me as her coach, she felt stuck in a job that didn’t fit. During one of her first coaching sessions, I encouraged her to begin setting daily intentions to help her unstick herself from this frustrating work situation. Mary said: “I am willing to do whatever it takes” and committed to setting daily intentions. Together we designed how she was going to make it part of her daily routine.

Take a moment now to explore how you can make intention setting part of your daily life? What motivates you to set your daily intention? What’s the shift you most long to experience? Jot down your insights. Once you’ve connected with your bigger WHY of setting intentions, decide on the timing of your intention ritual.


When would be a good time for you? It’s helpful to tag your daily intention setting practice onto something that you are already doing daily, such as your morning coffee or your daily commute. What time and activity will work best for you? Create a reminder for yourself, to make it easier for you to follow through with your commitment.

How to Take Charge of Your Life

When Mary picked up the phone for her next coaching session, I immediately noticed a vibrancy and enthusiasm in her voice that I hadn’t felt before. Mary thanked me for the assignment and went on to share just how empowering her daily practice of setting intentions had become for her. While she was still working the same job, Mary now felt more at choice and in charge of her days. “On the surface nothing has changed. I am still working the same job and still want that to change. But inside I feel so different. It feels like I stepped into the driver’s seat of my life. I no longer feel stuck.”

Together we explored what was happening for Mary and how her new practice of setting intentions was changing her experience at work. “I am doing something just for me first thing in the morning. It’s such a treat! My intention sets the tone for the day and reminds me that I am in charge.” Mary said.

Take a moment now to explore how setting your daily intention may benefit you. What do you imagine will change for you? How can this seemingly small step make a big difference in your life?

How to Expand Your Possibilities and Range

“Sometimes my intention surprises me and I am not sure what it will do for me. The other day, for example, my intention was ‘peace’. When I arrived at the office, my boss was having a big argument with his secretary. I usually get so frustrated when that happens. This time I was able to reconnect with the peace I had felt in my heart that morning. It really helped. I realized that I don’t have to let this stuff get to me.”

Mary shared that her intentions challenge her to see things in a new light. “This practice really helps me stretch beyond what I thought my limits were. One day my intention was ‘choice’. That day, I realized just how much choice I have. I even realized that being in this job is a choice I am making right now. It’s serving a purpose and paying my bills, until I figure out what I want to do next.”


How may your intentions challenge you to expand beyond preconceived limits? Where do you need to dream bigger in your life? Just like Mary, you too, may be surprised by the ways in which your daily intentions shift your perception of your circumstances. Stay open, stay curious and enjoy your discoveries.

How to Keep Your Intentions Alive

When I asked Mary how she remembers her intention throughout the day, she shared: “I write my intention on the screen of my phone each morning. Every time I use my phone, I reconnect with my intention. It keeps me centred, present and aligned with what matters most.”


What will help you keep your intention alive each day? How do you want to reconnect with your intention throughout the day? What daily activities could become opportunities for you to remember to tune into your intention? Choose a reminder structure that will support you in keeping your intentions alive.

Now that you have created some positive momentum, take another powerful step and request your free career clarity consultation.