Our core values help us make choices and decisions we won’t regret. They are like invisible threads that keep you connected to your higher purpose and everything that’s true for you. Unfortunately, we tend to dismiss or ignore our core values, especially when facing challenges or feeling pressured during a career transition. Here’s how you can stay true to your core values to attract and create meaningful, enriching work for YOU.

Get Clear on Your Values

First and foremost, it is important to get to know your core values. If you are not sure what your core values are, check out my blog post on how to get clear on your values. In that article I walk you through five steps to identify and live by your core values.

Create Your Value Touchstones

Once you are clear on what your core values are, it is very helpful to create touchstones or anchors in your life that remind you of these important qualities. As you do, you are making your invisible threads tangible. Get inspired to create your own value touchstones as you learn about four unique approaches from my clients, Ted, Cori, Ron and Anne (not their real names).


Access Your Values Wherever You Go

Ted wanted to be able to refer to all of his core values with one glance on the screen of his phone. It took a little ingenuity and experimenting with image editing software, which is right up Ted’s alley. Now, every time he glances at his phone, Ted is reminded of his core values. It makes it so much easier to stay the course when prestigious, well-paying job offers are tempting him to sacrifice his values.


Ground Yourself with Value Rocks

Cori collected beautiful, smooth rocks on the beach. Then she painted one of her values on each rock. Every morning as Cori touches her value rocks, she notices an expansive feeling in her heart. Most mornings one of Cori’s values will seem particularly important. Cori puts this value rock in her purse and touches it occasionally as she goes about her day. It keeps Cori grounded and connected to what matters most.


Tune into Your Values

Ron loves music. He created a playlist, where each song represents one of his most important values. Ron’s value playlist has become one of his favourites. It helps him tune into his inner truth. Ron loves listening to his value songs especially when he’s preparing for an informational interview or an important meeting.


Embody Your Values

Anne experimented with physical gestures. She discovered several body positions that express her values perfectly. Anne chose a self-hug to represent self-care. Arms wide open connects Anne with her value of openness. When Anne stands in wonder-woman pose, she tunes into her value of confidence. Each morning, and whenever Anne feels challenged, she turns to her value poses. It helps Anne ground herself in what’s true for her.


Have Fun Creating Your Value Touchstones

Take a moment now to tune in.  How you want to give shape to your core values? What kind of value touchstones will serve you best? Then make a date with yourself in the near future to create your value touchstones. Let this be a fun, playful experience!


You can also make a play date with a few friends and create your value touchstones together. These touchstones will help you stay aligned with your core values, connected with your deeper truth, when facing challenging decisions on your career clarity journey.