One of my clients found herself at a cross road with her business, moving from a booming economy to a sparser time. She and her partners suddenly needed to put more effort into marketing. For years their business had been thriving and new and returning business had found them easily and effortlessly. However, in times of cut-backs and down-sizing, they were unsure how to succeed.
I asked my client to take a stance at her window and revisit in her mind all the success they had achieved over the past 23 years in business. As she stood there, she felt her body tingle with joy as she saw a movie play before her eyes showcasing all her happy clients. She saw and felt the difference she had made in their lives and businesses.

Celebrating what's right is one of the most important keys to success.

Celebrating what’s right is one of the most important keys to success.

She decided to call a meeting with her business partners to share and celebrate all the things they had done right over the past 23 years. Once her business partners felt re-energized, she wanted to identify together which of their past approaches would be just as valuable, given the new economical situation. By basking in the celebration of what they had done right over the years, she was confident that many new ideas would naturally emerge as the three of them brainstormed together. Celebrating what’s right is one of the most important keys to success.

A few days later I received an e-mail from her thanking me for the coaching session and sharing about the productive meeting she and her partners just had. They had identified three powerful strategies that had worked well in the past and seemed promising in the new economic climate. In addition they had come up with three new marketing ideas they were eager to implement. The atmosphere in the team had shifted from doom and gloom to excitement. Celebrating what you are already doing right, helps generate more great ideas – it is indeed one of the most important keys to success.
Far too often we get bogged down by the things that are “wrong” or “bad”. When we focus on problems we often feel paralyzed and hopeless. However, when we take some time to celebrate what’s right, we feel renewed and energized which is one of the essential keys to success. Along with the joy, lots of ideas will naturally arise that will help address the problems at hand. Enjoy!
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