As the year draws to a close, I treasure celebrating with my clients. It is so rewarding to take stock and acknowledge all their amazing accomplishments. What a joy to witness how their lives and careers have transformed over the course of the year. Taking stock and truly celebrating the goodness is such an integral part of creating lasting positive transformation. That’s why I feel inspired to share how you can celebrate goodness, no matter where you are. As you do, you naturally open yourself to positive transformation on your journey forward.

Take in the Goodness in Your Life

Take some quality time to notice all that is good in your life right now, as it is. There may be things you wish to change, but for now, simply become aware of all that is good.

Sometimes it is easier to notice and celebrate goodness as it returns. This season, having healed my frozen shoulders, I am celebrating my good health. What kind of goodness has recently returned to your life? If you must search a little, I encourage you to do so. 

One of the ways to search for goodness, is to review your year in your mind and remember all your good experiences. Reviewing pictures of 2022 may also help you recall some of your good experiences. Do whatever it takes to conjure up some of those good memories and simply name the elements of goodness in your life.

Notice Your Good Qualities

Once you’ve acknowledged and celebrated the goodness present in your life, notice the good qualities within you that helped you create it. 

For me, as I am celebrating my good health, I am noticing the qualities of self-care, gentleness, patience, and dedication within myself. All these qualities helped restore my health. 

Take a moment now to notice the qualities within you that contribute to the goodness in your life. For each good part of your life, find at least one good quality within you to celebrate.

Feel the Goodness in Your Body

Notice the physical sensations as you take in the goodness in your life. As you celebrate, notice how it feels in your body. Does it feel warm, tingly, expansive, or light? What kind of sensations are you noticing? Once you become aware of the sensations of goodness in your body, savour them fully. It can be quite delicious. As you let yourself feel the goodness, you are creating wonderful cellular memories that will come with you into the New Year.

Create a Beacon of Goodness that Lights the Way Forward

Staying connected with how goodness feels inside you, allow an image or a word to arise in your mind that captures the goodness you feel. What you’ve just received, is a beacon of goodness that will light the way forward for you. Let yourself be with your beacon of goodness.

I encourage you to create or find an external representation of your beacon, this could be a photo, an object or simply a word written on a piece of paper. Put this external representation of goodness where it will inspire you daily as you venture into the New Year.