How to live a balanced life

Career direction through life coaching

The fear of missing out can have us all tied up in a frenzy. Ruth (not her real name), one of my life coaching clients, used to suffer from fear of missing out. Whenever she was invited to a party she simply had to attend. Even if she felt tired, in need of some alone time, or was already booked to go somewhere else that evening. Her fear of missing out had a hard grip on her indeed. As a result she felt pulled in all directions and exhausted when she first contacted me.

Through life coaching Ruth gained clarity on her most important goals: starting her own consulting business and deepening the relationships with her husband and family. Since reaching clarity on what matters most, her fear of missing out has lost its power. Ruth now feels confident to say “no thank you.” She knows that with saying “no” to the things that don’t align with her most important goals, she is saying “yes” to achieving her goals.

Here’s how you can break free from your fear of missing out:

  1. Identify three goals in your life that really matter to you.
  2. For each of your goals identify a specific small step that you want to take in the near future. Write each of them down.
  3. Make it a habit to say “let me get back to you,” when receiving invitations or requests.
  4. Then ask yourself: “How would attending the event serve my goals?”
  5. Enjoy the boost of energy that comes from saying “yes” and “no” intentionally.

Enjoy the freedom from your fear of missing out!

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