Shortly after Gord (not his real name) hired me as his career clarity coach, he was laid off from his job. When Gord initially reached out for support, he said: “I would like to wake up in the morning not dreading going to work.” Now, Gord had manifested this desired change much faster and in a different way than anticipated. He was shocked. You too may be in shock about your recent layoff. I completely understand! Here is how you can harness being laid off as a catalyst for positive career transformation. You may indeed look back one day, realizing how this “set-back” kick-started your new life and career.

In his initial shock, Gord felt tempted to quit his coaching journey and focus all his energy on finding a new job quickly. Your emergency response may be similar to Gord’s. You too may want to just get a new job quickly.

Reframe Being Laid Off as an Opportunity

I encouraged Gord to reframe his layoff as an opportunity. Gord reminded himself why he had started his career clarity journey in the first place. He had been frustrated and unhappy at work and was longing for a positive career change. Gord realized that getting a new job without clarity on what he truly wanted wasn’t going to yield the satisfaction and happiness he was longing for.

reframe being laid off

Take a moment to consider your layoff as a call for positive career transformation. Maybe you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and your recent layoff is the kick in the butt you needed to spring into action? Is it time to explore bigger opportunities that you haven’t considered up till now? Perhaps the culture in your last workplace was no longer aligned with your values. As a result, you may long to work in an environment that is true for you now. Even though you didn’t choose being laid off, you can choose your path forward. I encourage you to journal about your experience and the opportunities it may provide for you.

Choose Your Path

“Gracing yourself with responsibility for everything that happens in your life leaves your spirit whole, and leaves you free to choose again.” Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander

being laid off choose your path

Once Gord realized that his knee jerk reaction wasn’t going to help him reach his bigger goal of job satisfaction, he decided to speed up his coaching journey. He amped up his commitment to weekly coaching sessions and gave himself fully to the exploration of his values, strengths and purpose. Gord now felt ready to do the necessary work to shed old patterns and beliefs that no longer served him.

Gord also took the opportunity of this freed up time to work on projects around the house and yard, increase his daily work-out sessions and reconnect with his creative side. All these invigorating activities helped him boost his confidence and sense of accomplishment. This in turn gave Gord the energy to explore new work opportunities.

Harness Your Energy & Receive Support

Take a moment now to consider your own situation as a unique opportunity. Which activities do you want to dedicate your newly found free time to? What support structures do you want to put in place to help you find the clarity you are seeking? Which activities would feed your soul in this tender time? Do you want to volunteer for a cause you deeply care about?

Jot down your answers and reflect on how to boost your energy in small ways every day? Take action on your insights to create positive momentum in your life.

Within two months of coaching, Gord found clarity around his strengths, values, purpose and passion. Once he got in touch with what matters most to him, he found a new job that perfectly matches his strengths. He now feels valued and respected for his work and aligned with his purpose.

aligned being laid off

During the few weeks off work he realized how negatively being stuck in traffic had previously impacted his mood. Therefore, Gord decided to start biking to work. This new life-style choice helps him keep his energy positive and high. Inspired by the insights Gord gained through coaching, he started a daily meditation practice that helps him stay aware and grounded. Gord is much happier and his whole life has transformed for the better.

You too with the right kind of support can turn being laid off into a catalyst for positive career and life transformation. Book your free career clarity consultation now to explore how I may support you on your adventure ahead.