Whenever I give my time or money towards initiatives in which I believe and want to support, I feel empowered. My contribution matters. I can make a difference. I also feel connected to a larger movement of positive change in the world. Through giving my time, my talent or my money, I am contributing to a web of positive connections.

I want to share my contributions with you, so that you can feel inspired and encouraged to think about how you want to contribute.

Last month, I got involved in a small way in the election campaign of Green Party leader, Elizabeth May. I began by sharing the good news of the promising polling results with my network. After connecting with a friendly volunteer coordinator, I spent a Saturday afternoon going door-to-door to distribute campaign material promoting Elizabeth May.  I encouraged my friends locally to volunteer their time and contribute financially towards the campaign. With this initiative, it was especially rewarding to see the immediate positive result of Elizabeth May winning in her riding and becoming the first Green Party Member of Parliament in Canada.

Noticing how inspired and strong I felt during the election celebration, I made a commitment to myself to contribute every month to a cause that I believe in. In this case, size doesn’t matter, in my humble opinion. The fact that you get involved does. Whether you contribute half an hour, five hours, $10 or $1000, it is the act of giving, the act of choosing something you believe in and want to support and the act of doing it, not just thinking about it, that matters.

Each month, I will share the cause that I am contributing towards in hopes that this will inspire you to consider your potential contribution to the great projects happening in your own community.  For those of you who are already experiencing the joy of giving, more power to you! Please share your ways of giving back by writing a comment. Thanks!