It was a great joy to raise funds for The Power of Hope with sales of my book, The Mini-Retreat Solution from October till the last day of 2012. I exceeded my initial fundraising goal of $400 within the first month. In my excitement, I doubled my fundraising goal. I came very close to reaching my new goal of $800, supporting two teens from low-income families to participate in The Power of Hope’s summer camp. With 74 books sold and one unique $20 donation, I raised $760. I added $40 out of my own pocket and donated a total of $800 to The Power of Hope. I am overjoyed knowing that two teens from low-income families will be able to go to camp this summer thanks to this fundraising initiative.

stress-relief with Mini-RetreatsHow gratifying to get my book into the hands of so many people in the community! Wherever I go, I now receive positive feedback on The Mini-Retreat Solution. Susan Feigin a cancer survivor and Nia instructor says: “I take The Mini-Retreat Solution everywhere I go. It has become my new bible.” Susan affirms: “Reading your book empowered me to make choices that truly support my health and happiness. I decided to apply for a part-time position, realizing that money is not everything in life and that I need to take care of myself first and foremost.”

The Power of Hope fundraiser has helped me sow seeds of transformation in our world by empowering two teens and over 70 readers of The Mini-Retreat Solution.

Thank you so much for all your support!