Do you ever catch yourself, thinking “I’ll do that when…”? You may be waiting for your kids to be in college, your parents settled in a care facility, or your mortgage paid off, before taking action on your dreams and desires. You are not alone! Most people have a tendency to wait for the perfect time. Unfortunately, there may never be a perfect time. You may always find reasons to keep you waiting. Here’s how you can let go of waiting and begin living the life you truly want to live.

Notice Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Waiting

When Rita (not her real name) came to the coaching call, she felt frustrated about the settlement process of her severance package and the way her ex-employer was handling things. “My life is on hold,” said Rita. “I am so tired of this waiting game. It keeps on dragging on forever. I want to move on, but I can’t.” I asked Rita if she would be open to explore this belief ‘my life is on hold’ and Rita agreed.

In the spirit of experimenting, I asked Rita to say ‘my life is on hold’ out loud a few times. “What’s the impact on your body?” I inquired. Rita felt some tightness in her stomach, noticed that her breathing was shallow and that she was hunched over.


Before you read any further, notice a limiting belief that’s keeping you in waiting mode in your life and career. Say it out loud a few times and notice the impact on your body. Write down your insights.

Realize the Impact on Your Confidence

“What is happening on an emotional level, Rita?” I asked. Rita noticed that some anger was stewing in her stomach and some sadness in her heart. I acknowledged Rita’s exquisite awareness and asked: “How is this belief ‘my life is on hold’ affecting your self-esteem and level of confidence?” Rita realized that she had been feeling pretty low, almost depressed, for the last few weeks.

Before you read any further, take a moment to notice the impact your belief has on you. How is this belief impacting you on an emotional level? How is it affecting your self-esteem and confidence? What’s not possible when you believe it to be true? Jot down your insights.

Shift Your Perspective

When I asked Rita if she would rather experience something different, she exclaimed “Yes, indeed!” I invited Rita to stand up tall, roll her shoulders back a few times, take up some space, breathe deeply and really get into a solid stance. Once Rita had repositioned herself, I asked her what she was noticing now.

Rita immediately started talking about the beauty of her garden as she was looking out her window. “It makes me want to go out there.” Rita said. I encouraged Rita to follow that impulse and step outside. As she did, Rita felt so much lighter, even a little playful.


Just like Rita, you too may be ready to explore a different perspective. Because shifting perspectives is so much easier when you shift your body posture, I invite you to stand up, stretch your body, find a solid stance and breathe.

What do you notice now? Do your eyes feel drawn to something in your environment? Are you noticing different sensations in your body, now? Just like Rita, you too may feel an impulse to take action. What do you notice as you follow your impulse?

Call in an Empowering Belief

As I witnessed Rita’s state of awe and wonder, I asked what new belief she would like to invite into her life, now. As Rita stood in her garden and took in the beauty all around, she exclaimed: “I am alive! I want to live life fully!”

She decided to begin each day by stepping into her garden to feel her aliveness. Once Rita felt connected to her aliveness, she would ask: “What will I do today to live life fully?” Rita listened to her intuition and took action each day. This commitment helped her complete the shift. Rita is no longer waiting for circumstances to change; she is now living her life as a grand adventure.

stop-waiting-empowermentJust like Rita, you too can create this powerful shift in your life, now! What’s the empowering belief you want to cultivate in your life? How will you nurture your new belief? What kind of action does this belief empower you to take?

Now that you have shifted from waiting to taking positive action in your life and career, take another powerful step and ask for your free career clarity consultation. I look forward to exploring how I may support you in going all the way, creating the career and the life you truly want to live!