Are limiting beliefs getting in your way of finding the career that is right for you? You are not alone! Unfortunately, most of us live our lives in some ways feeling that we are inadequate or not good enough. That’s why I am so excited to share how you can transform your beliefs and move forward on the career path that is right for you.

Become Aware of Your Limiting Beliefs

During a coaching conversation with my coaching client, Emma (not her real name) it became clear that she was holding on to beliefs that weren’t serving her. Emma believed that she had to complete things to be a good person. She also believed that she never completed anything she started. This led Emma to believe that she was flawed as a person.


Take a moment now to notice your own limiting beliefs. To become aware of the beliefs that are holding you back, begin to pay attention to your inner dialogue. There are certain words to listen for such as “should”, “never” and “always”. You may feel a certain tension and heaviness, when you are stuck in limiting ways of thinking. As you write down your limiting beliefs, you are already taking a powerful step towards change.

Notice What Makes You Come Alive

Once we had explored Emma’s limiting beliefs together, we looked at what was fulfilling for Emma in a project. When I asked her what she enjoyed about projects at work and in her personal life, I could instantly see her face light up on the other end of the phone line.


She exclaimed that she loves figuring out a puzzle, learning a new skill, or solving a problem. Whether she is creating a knitting pattern, researching possibilities for building an online business or designing a new platform, she is happy while she’s in the process of exploring possibilities and finding the optimum way forward.

Before you continue reading, notice what brings you joy. What are the activities that light you up? When do you feel most alive? Take some quality time to journal about these questions. What are you learning about yourself?

Find Your Triggers for Negative Self-Talk

For Emma, once she’s solved a puzzle, she is satisfied. Emma would love to move on to solving another puzzle. However, because of her limiting beliefs, she feels like she must finish the project. This is where the drudgery begins for Emma. Wherever she is, she feels “unfinished” projects staring at her, telling her that she’s inadequate.

How about you? In what kind of situations does your negative self-talk kick in? When do you feel like you have to push yourself? Take some quality time to explore these questions in writing.

Cultivate Affirming Beliefs

After listening to Emma for a while, I asked, “What, if your work on the project was finished, when you’ve solved the puzzle?” Once again, I could feel Emma’s face beam with delight. She was all giddy and excited about this possibility.

However, it felt a bit too good to be true. It brought up a memory from Emma’s teenage years, where she had spent all day floating on a lake with her friends. She felt the pure joy of that experience once again, but she also heard a niggling voice saying: “You can’t just play all the time. You need to get back to work.”


Emma had spent her entire life believing this niggling voice. She wanted a structure to help her release her limiting beliefs. Emma decided to affirm “my job is done” each time she solves a problem and each time she saw one of her “unfinished” projects.

How can you affirm yourself, each time you bump up against your limiting belief? What’s the life-affirming belief you want to cultivate? Take some quality time to create your own mantra. Just like Emma, you don’t have to figure this out on your own, reach out for support through coaching.

Share Your Journey

A week later during Emma’s next coaching session, she shared how liberated she felt without her old limiting beliefs. Emma surprised herself as she occasionally felt inspired to finish some of her projects. Since she had given herself permission to leave these projects “unfinished” the pressure was gone. She could now choose freely moment by moment.

Emma also shared her belief transformation with her friend, Beth (not her real name) who had similar strengths. Beth felt just as liberated. Now Beth and Emma support each other on their journey of releasing limiting beliefs and cultivating life-affirming beliefs.


Who else in your circle is ready to be empowered? Share this article with your friends! Just like Emma, you may just find an ally on your journey of positive career transformation.