9 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Most of my new career clarity coaching clients mention lack of confidence as one of the reasons why they feel stuck in a career that’s not fulfilling. So, if low self-confidence is keeping you stuck, you are definitely not alone! Here are nine of my favourite ways to boost your confidence in moments. […]

9 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Confidence2021-02-11T11:39:33-08:00

Good Bye to New Year’s Resolutions

For many people the beginning of the year is a time of New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately most New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first couple of days or months of the New Year. When we resolve to do things differently in the New Year, we focus on things that are amiss in our lives and overlook the things that are working well already. I encourage you to let go of [...]

Good Bye to New Year’s Resolutions2015-05-27T21:47:31-07:00

CAREER CLARITY Group Coaching Program

YOU REALLY CAN HAVE THE CAREER OF YOUR DREAMS SOON! You’ve come to the right place and the right time and I am so glad you did! Click here to listen to the audio recording of the intro call to the Career Clarity program and learn: about my journey to career clarity how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes when searching for your ideal career more information about the career clarity [...]

CAREER CLARITY Group Coaching Program2021-12-19T11:52:45-08:00
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