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How to Be an Inspiration

Do you long to be an inspiration to others? Whether you are aware of it or not, you already inspire others with your unique way of being. A recent experience at the farmers market brought this insight to life for me. I am excited to share a few stories that will help you grow confident in the myriad of ways in which your “you-ness” is making a difference. […]

How to Be an Inspiration2022-11-10T10:42:44-08:00

5 Wonderful Ways to Lean into Gratitude on Your Career Clarity Journey

On your courageous journey to career clarity there will be times when you feel wobbly. As your old beliefs fray and you feel tossed out of your comfort zone, gratitude offers ways to replenish. When you lean into gratitude, you can find solace and grow comfortable with the unknown. Gratitude opens you up to the wonder and beauty of this new beginning that wants to emerge [...]

5 Wonderful Ways to Lean into Gratitude on Your Career Clarity Journey2023-04-14T16:21:39-07:00

Relaxing for Youth Empowerment – Fundraiser for The Power of Hope

What a rewarding experience to once again raise funds for The Power of Hope! I am especially pleased to see more and more corporate team leaders choose The Mini-Retreat Solution as a gift for their team members. The gift of Mini-Retreats provides a much longer lasting experience than a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine ever could. It also shows that more and more leaders care about their employees [...]

Relaxing for Youth Empowerment – Fundraiser for The Power of Hope2023-02-02T16:35:07-08:00

To Give is to Receive

A charitable society, the Christmas Spirit Community Dinner, has created a wonderful tradition in Victoria. They have been organizing free Christmas dinners for low-income families for over 20 years. The Gettin’ Higher Choir has been contributing to this tradition by singing Christmas Carols while the families enjoy their meal. […]

To Give is to Receive2015-05-15T20:51:09-07:00

How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple

One of the wonderful things about taking Mini-Retreats is that everyone around you benefits in many ways. Unfortunately many people, especially women, still feel selfish and guilty when taking moments to relax. My mission is to help you and your friends bust these limiting beliefs and make self-care a joyful, invigorating, daily experience that sends ripples of relaxation to the people around you and out into [...]

How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple2024-06-13T16:17:07-07:00

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

I have always loved singing in harmony and have sung in several choirs in the past. When I moved to Victoria, I was looking for a small vocal ensemble to sing with. In my search for a small community choir, I stumbled upon one of the biggest choirs I have ever listened to: The Gettin’ Higher Choir. […]

What Makes Your Heart Sing?2015-05-15T20:45:05-07:00

Empowerment and Hope

It was a great joy to raise funds for The Power of Hope with sales of my book, The Mini-Retreat Solution from October till the last day of 2012. I exceeded my initial fundraising goal of $400 within the first month. In my excitement, I doubled my fundraising goal. I came very close to reaching my new goal of $800, supporting two teens from low-income families to participate in The Power [...]

Empowerment and Hope2023-02-02T16:35:12-08:00

Anniversary Fundraiser for The Power of Hope

It’s been two years since I moved to Victoria.  I am very grateful to live in such a beautiful, friendly, relaxed city! I am especially grateful for the sense of community I feel in this city and the communities I have become an active part of, namely The Gettin’ Higher Choir and  Qi-Gong community. It’s been three years since I published the award-winning book, The Mini-Retreat [...]

Anniversary Fundraiser for The Power of Hope2023-02-02T16:24:14-08:00

New Stress Relief Offering: Mini-Retreat Home Parties

Recently I offered a Mini-Retreat course at Oaklands Community Centre. Two days prior to the workshop, I received an e-mail from Oaklands, asking whether I wanted to go ahead with the workshop despite the low number of registered participants. Only three people had registered for the course. Usually my minimum is six people. The logical next step would have been to cancel the course. I am [...]

New Stress Relief Offering: Mini-Retreat Home Parties2024-06-13T16:20:50-07:00

Stress-Relief: Inner City Gardens

Big cities with their concrete building, loud noise and pollution exhaust me. Whenever I visit a big city, I immediately look for an oasis, a sanctuary, a natural space in the midst of the high rises. […]

Stress-Relief: Inner City Gardens2015-04-30T22:24:21-07:00
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