Do you feel stuck in a job that doesn’t feed your soul? You are not alone! Many people feel unhappy at work, tied by golden handcuffs of good salaries and secure pensions. It takes a lot of courage to step out of these self-imposed shackles and search for work that feeds your soul. I truly feel that Linda’s story will inspire you to listen to your soul’s yearning and find work that energizes YOU!

Recently, my husband, Chris and I were singing one of our favourite songs together while waiting for the bus. A woman (let’s call her Linda) walked by smiled and gave us a thumbs up. We felt uplifted by her positive feedback. Shortly thereafter the bus arrived, and we hopped on.

To our great surprise, Linda got onto the bus at the next stop. As she spotted us, she thanked us again for the song. “I just love it when people let loose in public. Your song made my day!” Linda said enthusiastically. I thanked her for her positive response.

How Linda Found Work that Feeds Her Soul

Then Linda shared that she works with kids and that she sings with them every day. Linda loves how children really get into the music and express themselves so freely. Next Linda said that she used to work for government: “I was making good money, had a secure pension, but my soul was dying.”

One day, Linda decided that she would rather play with Lego then continue pushing paper around. Linda quit her secure government job and started working in a daycare: “I’ve been doing it for 20 years now. It’s the best! I get so much love every day. It really fills me up!” Linda exclaimed.


I acknowledged that Linda was also giving so much love every day. Linda beamed as she took in my sincere acknowledgement. Then she chuckled and added: “Even the worst days in daycare are still better than the best days I experienced at the office.”

I asked Linda if she was still in touch with some of the kids she cared for 20 years ago, who are now young adults. A big smile came over her face as Linda expressed her joy of seeing these kids flourish as young adults. Linda’s soul delights daily as she works at the daycare. Her soul feels deeply nourished as she witnesses her kids develop into wonderful young adults.


Steps to Find Work that Feeds YOUR Soul

What is YOUR soul yearning for? Take some quality time to tune in. Let yourself journal about this question. What kinds of activities have heart and meaning for YOU? Even if these activities don’t seem to have any “career potential”, I encourage you to engage in these meaningful activities more often. These very activities are feeding your soul. From this soul nourishment exciting career ideas may arise for you.

Don’t despair if you are drawing a blank as you contemplate these questions. You are not alone! Many people feel disconnected from their soul’s longing. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Reach out for support and book your free career clarity consultation! As you do, you are taking a powerful step towards finding work that feeds your soul.