Asking yourself “What career is right for me?” takes courage. How can you be and stay motivated to finding your deeper truth? It requires keen listening and patience to let your answers arise from within. Here are five powerful practices that will feed your intrinsic motivation on your career clarity journey.

Celebrate Each Milestone

Your career clarity journey consists of many small, sometimes seemingly insignificant steps. When you celebrate each milestone along the way, you naturally feel motivated and inspired to take the next step on your journey. Many people associate celebration with champagne and fancy dinners. But it needn’t be that elaborate.

Celebration can be quick, easy and fun, such a fist pump, a happy dance, a self hug or exclaiming “Yeah! I did it!” How do you want to celebrate your milestones in the moment? What simple gesture, move or sound would motivate you to take the next step?


In addition, I encourage you to take stock of your accomplishments each day or week. Write down your accomplishments, notice how good you are feeling about your progress and bask in these positive feelings. While you write about the things that went well for you, ideas about what to do next may also naturally emerge. Also, having a written record is really helpful in times when you are feeling stuck and need a little boost. When you review your progress, you’ll be motivated to get back on track.

Let Yourself Play

Often my best ideas (such as the idea to write this article) emerge during playtime. Play fuels creativity! For me playtime often involves music, dancing, singing or being in nature. When I am playful, I am not attached to a specific outcome. I am having fun, feeling present and curious.


What does playtime look like for you? How do you know that you are playing? What helps you give yourself permission to play more often? Play is such a fun way to get and stay motivated and inspired on your career clarity journey. I whole-heartedly encourage you to make space for playtime in your life. Enjoy!

Envision Your Success

During a recent coaching session, my client (let’s call her Becky) wanted to create a roadmap that would motivate her to continue taking steps towards her fulfilling career. I offered to guide Becky on an inner journey to a time and place in the future, where she’s already living her dream. Getting a sneak peak review of your success can be extremely motivating and inspiring. Becky was game to venture on this inner journey.

As she settled comfortably into her chair, Becky relaxed into receiving guidance from her intuitive wisdom. When she emerged from her inner journey, Becky was very excited. She had experienced just how fulfilling her future career really was for her, how supported she felt, what an encouraging community she had gathered around herself, and how easily things unfolded for her. Becky received many specific insights that helped her create a roadmap to navigate the next steps on her journey forward, such as creating her website and clearly defining her ideal client. She was most excited about receiving the name for her future business during her guided journey.


What would help you connect with the bigger vision of your fulfilling career? Guided journeys, free-flow journaling, time alone in nature and meditation are all powerful ways to tune into your vision of success. Once you connect with your bigger vision it becomes much easier to create your roadmap to success. Just like Becky, you don’t have to do this alone. Receiving support from a career coach will speed up your quest for career clarity and make it even more rewarding.

Rest and Renew Yourself

I recently started a wonderful habit of afternoon napping. While my afternoon naps are deeply restorative, they also motivate me to get things done. I often ask myself: “What can I accomplish before retreating for my nap?” and dive into a project fully motivated and present.  When I wake up from my nap, I feel energized and eager to launch into my next productive phase. An extra bonus is that I also often wake up with fresh ideas for blog posts.


Since I incorporated napping into my daily rhythm, I value my waking time even more. I have become even more conscious of my highest priorities. When you give yourself permission to rest and renew, your productive time becomes more focused and effective. What would help you incorporate more periods of rest and renewal into your life?

Whether you sign up for a restorative yoga class, tai chi, listen to a meditation app while commuting on public transit or virtually join me for an afternoon nap, you’ll be glad you did. It will motivate and inspire you to take the next steps on your career clarity journey.

Commit to Take Action

Making a formal commitment can be a powerful motivating factor. One of my clients (let’s call her Sandra) was dreaming about offering a self-empowerment workshop in her community. To motivate herself to follow through and turn her dream into reality, Sandra picked a date and booked a venue for her event.


As soon as she put down the deposit for the venue, Sandra felt motivated to promote her workshop, secure funding and enrol volunteers to make her self-empowerment workshop a great success. What a joy to celebrate Sandra’s successful sold-out self-empowerment workshop during a coaching session a few months later!

Commitment to your goal can be an investment of time, money or energy towards your goal. What will help you commit more fully to taking the next step(s) on your career clarity journey? How will your commitment help you create the outcome you most desire? Just like Sandra, you don’t have to do this alone, commit to a powerful action step now as you book your free career clarity consultation.