How will CAREER CLARITY coaching help you?career matchmaker career clarity

I will facilitate the exciting transformational journey that lies ahead for you. As your career matchmaker I will help you get to the destination that is right for you. Together we will discover the things that energize and renew you. You will learn how to move confidently toward the career that deeply fulfills you.

The elements of CLEAR

My CAREER CLARITY coaching program is structured around five core elements that together make up the word CLEAR:

Claim your purpose – The one that is fully aligned with who you are.

Live your values – Get clear on your core values and learn how to live by them.

Envision your fulfilling career – Listen to the voice within and let it guide you.

Access your strengths – The ones that come so naturally to you that you may have dismissed them.

Release your fears – Together we will eliminate those limiting beliefs! career matchmaker career clarity

On your journey from career dread to career joy I will encourage you to appreciate all of who you are. With my guidance, you will recognize and embrace your strengths, core values and passion. With unwavering support, I will champion you to create the career path that is completely aligned with your unique qualities. That’s when you truly shine!

How long does it take?

Our CAREER CLARITY coaching partnership begins with a three month commitment. While the duration of a coaching partnership varies from a few months to a year, you will begin to reap benefits immediately. Creating lasting positive changes in your life takes time and consistent positive action.

Each coaching session concludes with a clear call to action, inspiring you to make positive choices and move towards your highest goals and dreams. Most of my clients surprise themselves by accomplishing much more than they ever imagined possible. Read my clients’ success stories. Get inspired!

How does CAREER CLARITY coaching work?

To provide optimal support, I offer three CAREER CLARITY coaching packages. All three packages provide a solid structure while allowing ample flexibility in scheduling your coaching calls. To help you reap optimum results in the most time-effective way, I coach you on the phone in the comfort of your favourite private place, no matter where you live.

Coaching is an invaluable investment in yourself and in your future. All CAREER CLARITY coaching packages begin with building a strong CAREER CLARITY foundation, providing a solid understanding of where you are today and where you want to go.

Build Your Foundation for CAREER CLARITY

Personal Assessment: A self-discovery journey for you to complete prior to your foundation coaching session.career matchmaker career clarity foundation

Coaching Program Binder: Your road map to CAREER CLARITY is filled with valuable resources and tools. It provides a solid structure to prepare for and get maximum value from all your coaching sessions.

Foundation Coaching Session: During this two-hour session we review your Personal Assessment. We create a personalized plan on how we will get you to your desired destination.

Career Clarity Coaching Packages

Choose the package that best fits your schedule, desired pace and budget!

Full Plunge CAREER CLARITY Coaching

If you want to jump right in with both feet and move forward fast, this accelerated coaching package is for you!

tiny_logo_julia CAREER CLARITY Foundation

tiny_logo_julia Four 40-minute coaching sessions per month on the phonecareer matchmaker full_plunge_career_clarity

tiny_logo_julia Unlimited “just in time” check in calls on an as needed basis

tiny_logo_julia Unlimited e-mail access

tiny_logo_julia Special discounted rates for all my programs and classes

tiny_logo_julia 3 month commitment

Payment options: Initial payment of $300 plus $450 per month, OR one single payment of $1395 (you save $255!)

On-Track CAREER CLARITY Coaching

If you want to consistently move forward in a comfortable pace, this coaching package is for you.

logo_bullet CAREER CLARITY Foundation

logo_bullet Three 40-minute coaching sessions per month on the phonecareer matchmaker on-track-career-clarity

logo_bullet Unlimited e-mail access

logo_bullet One “just in time” check in call if needed/month

logo_bullet 3 month commitment

Payment options: Initial payment of $300 plus $375 per month, OR one single payment of $1275 (you save $150!)

Light Pace CAREER CLARITY Coaching

If you are on a tight schedule, tight budget, ‘Light Pace’ is for you. Also, if you consider yourself an independent learner and appreciate lots of time in between your coaching calls, this package is for you:

logo_bullet CAREER CLARITY Foundationcareer matchmaker light_paced_career_clarity

logo_bullet Two 40-minute coaching sessions per month on the phone

logo_bullet Unlimited e-mail access

logo_bullet 3 month commitment

Payment options: Initial payment of $300 plus $285 per month, OR one single payment of $1055 (you save $100!)

How will you get the most out of your coaching experience?

If you are:

check_mark_2Committed to making the necessary changes.

check_mark_2Open to let me see the real you, warts and all.

check_mark_2Ready to take responsibility for your life and happiness.

check_mark_2Eager to hear the truth – spoken with compassion, but still spoken out loud.

Then you are ready to take action now!   Request your FREE career clarity consultation.

career matchmaker CARER_CLARITY_consultation

Frequently asked questions

Why do I coach on the phone?

Coaching on the phone has proven to reap the best results in the most time-effective way:

logo_bullet We bring a greater intensity of focus to our coaching interactions. Visual distractions are eliminated. We move quickly into the rhythm of powerful conversation.

logo_bullet Telephone coaching actually creates more space for the coaching conversation!

logo_bullet At times I ask my clients to move around and change their posture, to help them tap into their body’s wisdom. This is easy for a client to do when they are talking on the phone in a private place; not so easy when someone is watching.

logo_bullet As the client, you receive coaching in your preferred environment (home or office) eliminating the stress of rushing through traffic to get to your coaching session.

logo_bullet My clients reside all over the world. Whether you live in Toronto, San Francisco, Dubai, Germany or Hong Kong, I will coach you literally wherever you are!

In short coaching on the phone means optimal results in the least amount of time.

Mark Chesser
Mark Chesser

"As one of Julia’s clients I am surprised at how effective coaching over the phone can be and how quickly we have formed a strong relationship. Like most people, I was a little surprised that we weren’t meeting in person however I’m now a convert."

Katherine Lazaruk
Katherine Lazaruk
Image Consultant, Vancouver

"As a client I particularly enjoy the ability to slot a coaching conversation into a busy day without having to allot time for travel. I also have noticed that coaching on the phone does allow for more focus and I was definitely one of those people who preferred (or thought she preferred) face to face meetings. I encourage you to give it a try."

How is coaching different from therapy?

logo_bullet Coaching is focused on the present in order to create your future.

logo_bullet Your Coach is your guide and operates under the knowledge that the only expert of your life is you.

logo_bullet A therapist is trained and licensed to work with diagnosable psychological conditions; a coach is not.

logo_bullet People work with therapists to resolve psychological conditions that are rooted in the person’s past.

logo_bullet People work with a coach to focus on their current life and create action plans to turn dreams into reality.

What is coaching?

logo_bullet Coaching helps you discover, design and live your best life possible.

logo_bullet Client and coach work in partnership to achieve the client’s goals.

What is unique about my coaching?

My approach to coaching is a unique blend of strengths based exploration, value discovery, deep connection with your inner passion, combined with a strong focus on self-care.

logo_bullet Committed to a holistic approach, I help you tap into the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit. Intuitively I get to the heart of what matters most for you.

logo_bullet Dedicated to self-care, mindfulness and stress-management, I help you relax deeply within minutes. This will help you find the answers that are waiting inside for you.

logo_bullet With warmth, piercing insights and unwavering encouragement, I provide a solid structure and practical tools to help you achieve extraordinary results.

logo_bullet To help you reap optimum results in the most time-effective way, I coach you on the phone in the comfort of your favourite private place no matter where you live. It is my pleasure to offer you great flexibility and ease with the scheduling and frequency of your coaching sessions.

How will you get the most from coaching?

If you:

check_mark_2Choose your favourite private place to receive your coaching calls.

check_mark_2Make this a priority! Reserve time in your schedule for your coaching sessions.

check_mark_2Are committed to making the necessary changes.

check_mark_2Look at your commitment to coaching as an investment in yourself and your future.

Then you are ready to take action now!

Request your FREE Career Clarity consultation

What are my professional credentials?

logo_bullet Certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I graduated in 2005 from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in San Rafael, California, one of the most distinguished coaching schools in the world.

logo_bullet Credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am committed to achieving excellence.

logo_bullet Awarded with three gold medals for authoring my book, The Mini-Retreat Solution, encouragement for self-care and stress-relief are integral elements of my coaching style.

My coaching is always evolving, integrating the highest level of life and career coaching skills, a colourful palette of coaching tools from over 10 years experience.

Ultimately my credentials are my clients’ success stories. Read what my clients say about their coaching experience.

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