Moments of Joy

Sometimes in the midst of our busy lives we lose track of the simple treasures in life. A smile exchanged on the sidewalk with a stranger, laughter shared with friends, smelling the fresh air after a rainstorm. As the 85-year-old Nadine Stair put it, “I’ve had my moments, and if I had it to do it over again, I’d have more of them. In fact, I’d try to have nothing else. Just moments, one after another.”

  • Think of your last week. Looking back, where do you see opportunities to enjoy the moment? Jot down the possibilities you realize now.
  • Look at your list. Is there a common theme? Is it time to re-connect with a friend? Time to get out those inline skates that are sitting in your garage? Time to jump over a big puddle.
  • What will you do today to simply enjoy the moment?

Enjoy adding your moments of joy to my blog!

Thank you!

Julia 🙂

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Guided Mini-Retreats Audio CD Series


High levels of stress over long time periods seriously impact your health, effectiveness and focus, not to mention your overall enjoyment of life.

Stress Relief Solution: Mini-Retreats, be it in the form of meditation, deep breathing or simply stepping outside for a short walk. Mini-Retreats help you recover quickly from periods of stress and regain your focus.

Check out Guided Mini-Retreats for Busy People. These are 6- to 15-minute short audio “vacations” of meditation, relaxation and empowering visualizations. Listening to them helps you recharge quickly, especially if you listen to them on a regular basis.

These guided retreats are invaluable. They have helped me realize and achieve my goals,” says Michelle Raymond, a busy Realtor with ReMax Select Properties.

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A Gift Is Waiting For You

A GIFT IS WAITING FOR YOU Are You Ready to Receive It?

This weekend we got five inches of beautiful white snow in Vancouver. While this would not be worth mentioning in the rest of the country, it is big news here.

I love snow. It softens the sounds of the city and brightens the dark winter days. I love how it sounds when I walk—crunching with every step. When I woke up this morning the snowstorm had passed and had left a perfect white blanket over everything. I got up early, put on my boots, coat and mittens and ventured out in into the snow.

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Finding Your Balance In Life

FINDING YOUR BALANCE IN LIFE  / How to Walk the Tight Rope with Grace

To keep a healthy balance between all the important areas of life is like a walk on a tight rope that requires concentration, focus and courage.

I recently had the opportunity to walk on an actual tight rope that two young men had tied up between trees in a neighborhood park on the beach. When I saw them from the distance moving around seemingly effortlessly on the thin piece of fabric, I felt an urge to get up on the rope and give it a whirl.

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How Can You Do It ALL?

HOW CAN YOU DO IT ALL? / Take a mini Vacation today

Do you ever wonder how you can possibly accomplish everything on your list? By taking a mental vacation. This kind of vacation doesn’t involve any expenses, planning, cooperation from family members or agreement from your employer.

Give yourself permission to take at least one 3-10 minute mini-vacation every day. Come back refreshed, relaxed, and excited to continue with your work.

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Completing the Old – Creating the New


As the New Year approaches, spend some time reflecting on your accomplishments and disappointments throughout 2005. Allow yourself to take the time to complete 2005 before beginning the New Year. Completion is about making things whole and fully letting them be what they are. When something is incomplete, it drains energy from you and hangs around like a ghost. When you complete something you take that energy back. You accept a loss and celebrate a win. Often times, a ritual such as lighting a candle, burning a letter, or popping a champagne bottle gives you closure.

Here are some things you can do on your own, with a friend, partner, or your coach. It can be empowering to revisit, dream, and share.

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Fall is Full

FALL IS FULL / Make It Fulfilling

Fall is such a busy season; we are trying to fit it all in rather than taking the time to choose our priorities. In our society “more” and “faster” is better, so slowing down and taking the time to choose your priorities for the coming months, might seem like an impossible luxury.

I challenge you to take this time for yourself! Take half an hour to reflect and prioritize and make this Fall season fulfilling instead of full.

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Be Happy as a Goat

BE HAPPY AS A GOAT / Live Your Sustainable Life NOW

Mountain goats remind me of the innocence and spontaneity of pure joy. They display a dance of joy where one goat starts rearing and leaping and tossing its horns and whirling about. Soon, others join in and the whole herd is participating in the dance. They jump for joy for the simple pleasures in life – sunshine, being well fed, community.

When they experience and celebrate joy, they expend much energy. I suspect that, as a result, they receive energy in leaps and bounds. And I think we humans do, too. When we are connected with joy in our life, energy seems to be abundant.

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