Find Your Sanctuary

Find Your Sanctuary

my sanctuary brings me right back to what matters most.

My sanctuary brings me right back to what matters most.

Last weekend I had a chance to review all the moments I had captured with my camera over the last six months. What a joy to revisit so many wonderful memories!

I am deeply grateful for all the love in my life and the beautiful sanctuary I live in. This picture shows my sanctuary, a special place on the shore just minutes away from my home. I go there often. Each time my sanctuary brings me right back to what matters most.

Reflecting on my sanctuary, I realize that I have sought out special places in nature for renewal in all the places I have ever lived. Even in the bustling city of Paris, I managed to find my sanctuary in a nearby park. I went there daily to reconnect with myself and nature.

I encourage you to find your own sanctuary! Seek out a special place in your neighbourhood where you can go to refresh and renew yourself. May it become your sanctuary! You may also want to find a sanctuary close to your office, so that you can retreat during your lunch and coffee breaks. You will come back to work with renewed focus and energy. Enjoy!

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Julia James

Julia James is a certified life coach and award-winning author of the book, The Mini-Retreat Solution. With over ten years experience coaching people through positive career transformations, Julia is passionate about helping people connect with their true calling.

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