Tomorrow is race-day! Ski marathon for positive change

Tomorrow is race-day! Ski marathon for positive change

Just a little reminder: The x-country marathon is this Saturday, February 2nd. Thank you so much for your support!

I am excited about the marathon! We had a lovely and uncharacteristic snowfall in Vancouver this week. I took the opportunity to ski to my early morning networking meeting. It was probably the safest way to get there and was a great training opportunity.

This is your last chance to contribute before the race: http://www.canadahelps.org/GivingPages/GivingPage.aspx?gpID=1062

Please send your warm thoughts my way to support me on


P.S. I will be interviewed on Channel M ( aired on
Channel 8 ) in German. The interview will be airing:

– Friday, Feb. 15 @ 2pm
– Saturday, Feb. 16 @ 4pm

Julia James

Julia James is a certified life coach and award-winning author of the book, The Mini-Retreat Solution. With over ten years experience coaching people through positive career transformations, Julia is passionate about helping people connect with their true calling.

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