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Fall is Full

FALL IS FULL / Make It Fulfilling

Fall is such a busy season; we are trying to fit it all in rather than taking the time to choose our priorities. In our society “more” and “faster” is better, so slowing down and taking the time to choose your priorities for the coming months, might seem like an impossible luxury.

I challenge you to take this time for yourself! Take half an hour to reflect and prioritize and make this Fall season fulfilling instead of full.

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Be Happy as a Goat

BE HAPPY AS A GOAT / Live Your Sustainable Life NOW

Mountain goats remind me of the innocence and spontaneity of pure joy. They display a dance of joy where one goat starts rearing and leaping and tossing its horns and whirling about. Soon, others join in and the whole herd is participating in the dance. They jump for joy for the simple pleasures in life – sunshine, being well fed, community.

When they experience and celebrate joy, they expend much energy. I suspect that, as a result, they receive energy in leaps and bounds. And I think we humans do, too. When we are connected with joy in our life, energy seems to be abundant.

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